Monday, July 28, 2014

On our way to South Africa

At midday today we leave site (and our three kitties and two dogs) and drive to Mwanza. We stay overnight at the Malaika Hotel on the shores of Lake Victoria. Next morning we fly from Mwanza to Dar Es Salaam and at around 2.45pm we board the SAA flight to OR Tambo, Johannesburg. We sleep over in Johannesburg and next morning early, we board the domestic flight to Bloemfontein in the Free State. We have a driver collecting us in our car and will drive to our home town, Marquard 160kms to the east.

So, nothing is quick and easy traveling between East and South Africa. But we look forward to a lovely three-week holiday.

More later this week when we arrive "home" 

The things we leave behind for now...
 Dr Williamson, discoverer of Williamson Diamond Mines. His statue is a stone's throw from our house in Mwadui 

Children walking past my house 

Toffee, our old Askari/guard dog in the garden
 And our precious Princess who is also under Toffee's  tutorship as Askari dog! 
Shadow and Ambrose 
And Ginger

Until I land and reconnect in Marquard, here's wishing you all a wonderful week ahead! 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mum's leaving again!

Hello Bozo, Lindy and Mum's blog readers. This is Ambrose and I'm feeling sad; Mum's leaving us again . I know we're not left alone while she and our yoomen dad go to a F A R place; Regina and Michael and Mary take good care of us. It's just that we miss her when she goes. 

Yesterday Dad Ginger and I got into the suitcase while Unca Shadow watched from the side. 
 My dad Ginger doesn't know that I'm under the flap!
Here I jumped out while Unca Shadow watched me and my dad from the doorway

I'll won't be posting until our Mum comes home again but wish you all good-purrs until then.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Last Saturday Critter Party for July 2014

This post is the last I'm doing from Tanzania for now. We're on our way out on our break in South Africa. 

A drive through the bush last week, delivered many birds and several mammals, some of which I managed to photograph and others which we just saw and enjoyed! 

While at Songwa last Saturday evening, I spotted many birds but close by a pair of raptors gave me ample opportunity to photograph them. 

 A pair of African Harrier Hawks
 African Harrier Hawk 

On Sunday a drive through the bush we spotted several birds, the first one being a White-browed Coucal.
White-browed Coucal 

In the bush beyond, we saw a quick movement. I lifted my camera, focused and captured this pretty buck.

Along New Alhamasi Dam edge, we stopped to photograph a couple of waterbirds. Apart from a Little Egret, a Hamerkop, an Openbilled Stork, I also photographed a Yellow-billed Stork foraging in the shallows. When I downloaded the photos, however, I noticed a beautiful pinky-maroon sheen on the covert feathers. When I sent this off to Jez for an explanation, he replied that it was a breeding adult!
 Yellow-billed Stork in breeding plumage. Don't you just love the long, double-jointed legs?

Just around the corner, at our favorite patch of water (away from New Alhamasi Dam), Grant stopped for me to photograph the herons which always sit in a tree over the water. As always I love the pond-lilies and took several photos! 
 White Pond Lily

On the way home we stopped to photograph several Little Bee-eaters sitting on a dry bush nearby. Before I could focus on the one bird, it flew off and all I got was the image below. (This was before I learned about the "fast" function on my camera! 

Little Bee-eater in flight

Back home on Monday morning after I'd hung the washing on the line, I sat in the sun with the cats. As I watched a Kingfisher flew in and sat on a tree branch above. (If I hadn't seen it flying in, I would not have seen it!) I took several photos...
 Woodland Kingfisher in my garden

Yesterday I saw our smallest and youngest cat, Ambrose (he, who does a Sunday post!) with his head stuck in the airbricks on the veranda. Grant and I are always amused by this and call him the headless cat. I couldn't see any birds out in the garden, so decided to go outside and check what was so fascinating to this sweet little boy of ours. First I saw nothing and then something scuttled past my feet and up a tree trunk near Johan's cottage. I rushed inside, grabbed my camera and snapped away.
 Agama Lizard in my garden

And finally a few photos of darling Princess who, at seven months, is a sweet young dog with the most amazing nature.
 Is this my best side?

 Or is this better?
Oh OK, this is my demure young lady look! 

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I hope you're all having a really great weekend!