Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Parkrun # 7

Once again, it was Saturday and the weekly Parkrun. Although I'd promised myself to leave my camera behind, at the last minute, I just couldn't. What's up with me? I wonder...

Before the start, I photographed people as they arrived. 
A shiny Labrador with her mistress
Grant and Ant deep in discussion while my friend, Di, from our hike earlier this week, looks on
Before the race, Esmarie asks visitors to raise their hands - there were many again!
And we're off!
I took nine minutes to reach the 1km mark
I passed this mark and had to turn back to photograph it! Another ten minutes to this point

While crossing the dam wall, I saw Anthony coming along below the bank. I waved - he replied with a nod of the head - but neither of us called out! 
The 3km marker was muddied and limp. Another eleven minutes had passed by the time I reached here!
Not long after this distance marker, I heard Ant pull up behind me - two sticks at a time!
I just had to stop and capture the beautiful mountains 
On the last 800m, I was right behind this man below. He had set a solid stride and I kept pace with him!

As I handed my card in to be scanned, I asked my time: 

47  min and 04 seconds. 

Ant was right behind me ! The officials told him that he was a machine and an inspiration to even younger men. Apparently as they came in, they'd say we've JUST managed to pass "oom Ant/uncle Ant" 

Once we'd had a glass of cold water, Ant and I walked back to find Grant and John. John's knees are really giving him gyp and they were taking longer than usual. Alan, the 86 year-old who hikes with us, was walking with them today. 
Grant, John and Alan

Grant finished in 1 hour and 21 minutes. John and Alan, finished in 1 hour and 23 minutes. 
This young dad's so in touch with his feminine side; 
I just had to snap him! 

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Monday, February 20, 2017

The Silent Woman

Last Tuesday the Champagne Valley Walking Club met to go hiking in the Northern Drakensberg. We were off to The Cavern where we'd start the hike, a round trip of 7.8km  in search of artwork called "The Silent Woman" and we'd return. 

Once we'd arrived at The Cavern car park, everyone alighted from their respective lifts. I took a photo of various people making their preparations while some (the organized ones, LOL) waited patiently. When I downloaded the photos, this tableaux really tickled me...

(I marked each person with a colored arrow to help with my explanations)
Red arrow: Meridith: our guide,  still bootless and caught in the middle of watching the hand (just visible on left edge of photo) wielding a walking stick. BTW her niece wearing black ski pants/white shirt, a mischievous grin and also wielding a walking stick, looks like she's about to spank her aunt!

Yellow arrow: Betty: on her way back to see what the hold-up is.

Pink arrow: Trish: waiting patiently.

Blue arrow: Anthony, bending down to don his hiking boots.  

Green arrow: Grant, leaning on his walking stick,  also waiting patiently.  

Finally everyone was ready and we headed up to The Cavern where the hike would start. 
The beautiful Cavern - a popular holiday resort int the Northern Drakensberg
There were several dogs belonging to the owners of The Cavern. Here Trish pets a Springer Spaniel pup
Meridith, who breeds dogs, has a barking ringtone on her phone. Here a Ridgeback, a Boerboel and the spaniel pup mill around her as her phone barks  rings! 
Starting out 
Looking down on The Cavern 

Hiking down Cavern Valley:  Alan (86), Anthony (76), Grant (66) Not sure the ages of Trish behind Anthony and Price behind Grant!
 Boulder-hopping across a stream
Anthony gingerly steps across the boulders; Meridith walks straight through the water! 
Betty striding along ahead

We crossed another stream but the boulders were so big and - to me - treacherously slippery, that I didn't take photos; I was too busy trying to cross without falling into the water!
Stopping in the clearing for breakfast
Jo and hiking companion, Di

Although we were in search of The Silent Woman, no-one actually knew exactly where it was. Betty - who was determined to see it - walked around the boulder behind me a Di (see photo above) and voila! 
 * The Silent Woman *

The men were dumbstruck: they'd never come across a "silent woman" before! 

Another enjoyable hike with The Champagne Valley Walking Club.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mountain moggy news

Hi Bozo and all Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose and I'm back with news about the Mountain Moggies! Mum had problems with her Interweb and I didn't post last week!

We kitties are still enjoying life very much here in the mountains. Sleeping a lot and getting food on time and enjoying the B E E G space outside.

Last week Mum went outside in the dark to take photos of the moon. Mmm. Yoomens can be strange sometimes, can't they?

When she returned indoors, she took photos of us.
Dad Ginger was disturbed by the lights and wouldn't pose properly for Mum!
I sleep so much during the day, I don't mind Mum bothering me at night! 
Unca Shadow sat on the table and sleepily waited for Mum to return! 
Aunty Chappie was watching the activity from the top of the chest of drawers

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