Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Blacksmith Lapwing

Walking the dogs on the golf course yesterday I photographed a pair of Blacksmith Lapwing.
The Blacksmith Lapwing gets its name from its call: a metallic klink klink klink; like the  blacksmith's hammer on an anvil
The Blacksmith Lapwing's habitat is near inland water systems, sports fields and golf courses

The Blacksmith Lapwing has distinctive black, white and grey plumage

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Happy Wednesday to you all! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

When we were young

On Friday 2nd October the retirement center held a dinner dance. The sale of the tickets and refreshments are in aid of the Frail Care Ward in the home. 

Grant has double trouble when we go out anywhere!

Rina standing next to Pienkie; Pam on the right of the photo

Everyone living in the independent housing and in the oldies' section (where MIL has a unit) was asked to bring a photo of when they were young. 
These were copied, laminated and used as place mats. There were no names on the photos and we had to guess the identity. 
As I lifted my starter, I saw that I had MIL Pam's photo as my placemat. (I knew because I'd handed this photo in)
We had a lovely table of mostly ladies. You can imagine the chatting and laughter that went on that evening!
Rachel, one of the center's residents holds her "young" photo below her face
The local pharmacist, Carminy and her husband, with friends at the table next to us
The bald guy in pink stripes is the Station Commander of the Police Station. His wife, Mandy is sitting on his left. The bald gentleman in the blue stripes, is local businessman, Prashant who is also the Methodist minister. His fiance, Maron is just behind him. On the far corner of the table is Prashant's brother, Sashank - also a local businessman with his blonde Irish wife on his right
MIL Pam holds up her young photo. 62 years later, she's still looking good
Grant led his Mum for a gentle two-step around the floor

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday # 2

This week I have taken on a challenge with fellow blogger, Margaret, Birding for Pleasure  to post two photos for each word given. 

So here goes...

In the '70's we would have called this item "kitch". A shop owner in Shinyanga, Tanzania gave me this; today it's on show next to my stove in my South African home
On the other side of the stove, I have a butcher's block. A rattan basket on the shelf below contains the cooking utensils which are used regularly
On top of the butcher's block is a spoon rest. Rina made this item while she still lived in Tanzania and we all utilized (!) the same pottery studio (Sorry Margaret, I just couldn't resist posting this one as well!) 

In 2002, our back entrance was here. I had an extension built on which is our entertainment area today
This is now the entrance to our home
The weather (a summer storm)  built up this afternoon as I loaded this post
This young African Pied Wagtail was in search of a last meal before it sought refuge in the bushes below

Rina and I bought winter clothes together while on holiday in May. She has worn, washed, worn, washed (you get the picture) hers. Mine is still in the cupboard with the ticket on!
These knitted tops are two of five items 
which I didn't get around to wearing this winter. Oh well!

Our five-month-old Labrador pup, Skabenga loves to lie beside the stairs (featured above). Here I captured part of my dog: his sleepy head
And his curled up toes! 

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