Sunday, June 24, 2018

Hedges kitties

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose with a kitty update in our house. (without the new kitty this week!)

We older kitties have had to sleep in the lounge while Missy, the shop cat, settles in to life in Mum's bedroom. I've tried to be friends, with her but she spits at me. OK I did go towards her quite quickly and tap her on the back! 

We vlove it when Thandi comes to work. Then the door is open all day and we can go outdoors; explore and lie in the sun. 

 Meanwhile, we four older kitties live in peace indoors until Mum returns from work.  
 Unca Shadow keeping watch
 Aunty Chappy asleep on Mum's computer bag
 Dad Ginger waiting for his lunch
 I, Ambrose, the kitty author, asleep on the sofa
 Mum took this magnified photo of my ear; cool hey?

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Young critter visits me

Earlier this week I had the privilege of meeting Electra, a young German Shepherd. She's a guide dog in training. Young and eager and with an L for Learner on her back.

South African Guide Dogs here   was founded in 1953. Dogs with the right temperament are bred to guide the visually impaired. These breeds are normally Golden Retrievers and Labradors. At seven weeks, the pups are housed with volunteers who train them for six months. This lady below is a puppy trainer.

Do read here to see how guide dogs are used after the puppy training phase is completed.   

 Electra and her "weekend foster mama"  
I just LOVED the L for Leaner on her back - don't you? 

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Friday, June 22, 2018

Monday morning business

For those readers who follow my blog regularly they'll know that I've been running an art and gift shop in a shopping mall in the valley. I've been the network executive for this little outlet for the past ten months. And I love it.

The paintings are by a local artist and I only sell his artwork in this shop. His wife make many, many objects of whatever he's painted; mousepads, potstands, utility holders, fridge magnets, mugs, clocks and many more. 

I sell these articles and prints of the artwork during the month. And, by being open every day of the month (including Sundays), I usually sell R25000/US$1850 per month. 

On Monday  morning a lady walked in and said she'd like to see an original painting. I had one in the shop (the best one ever done by the artist)  and showed it to her. She asked the price and when I told her it was R34,000/US$2,500, she said: I'll take it.  

While her partner wrapped the original, she wandered around my tiny shop and chose gifts for people at home. In between, he partner also chose a couple of large roll canvas prints and other items. 

When I totaled up her purchases, it came to R41,165/US$3000. 

Almost two months' sales in about 30 minutes!
 The customer proudly displaying her original

  The customer's partner wrapping the painting

C'est moi with the Monday morning customers!