Saturday, May 26, 2018

Happy splashy critter

Walking along the farm roads, Skabenga and I always turn where the dam has overflowed onto the road. Of course, I wait at the edge of the muddy ridges while the crazy dog gleefully plodges and splashes in the puddles. 

 Happiness is...
 ...a muddy dog!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Veranda Kitties' surgery

I haven't posted about Missy and the other shop kitty, Lips in a while. But this week, the two little girls visited the vet in the nearby town of Winterton. It was time for them to be sterilized. 

They both sleep in Colette's African leather and hide shop. It was Colette's day off on  Monday so I helped Miriam to remove the food and water before  she closed up at 4pm. Tuesday morning at 7.30 Colette put the two cats into a cage (they were not impressed!) and drove them to town.

Charmaine and I waited with bated breath at 1.30 when Colette was due to return with the now patients...

Oh dear, when she opened the cage two very woozy kitties emerged. In fact only Lips emerged while Missy had to be helped out. She cried piteously when I lifted her out and placed her on a leather-covered pouf. Colette had settled Lips (who hadn't reacted so badly to the anesthetic) onto a futon which was lined with Colette's dad's sheepskin-lined jacket.

We settled them in for the night and this morning only Lips came to the door; a little wobbly but alert and ready for the chopped raw chicken livers. We searched for and found Missy behind a hide on a soft cushion. She wasn't interested in any food. Instead, when Colette opened the shop door, she limped our onto the veranda. I took her to her favorite spot on the steps in the sun. But she was having none of that either. She gingerly slid down the rock into the garden and settled in a spot of her choice. Of the two, Missy took the operation the worst.
 Although Lips has been out into the garden, she has retired to her "safe" spot. On a box under a sofa in Colette's shop
 Here she peeps at Mama Jo taking photos (as always!)

 The shaved tummy shows where Lips had her op
 Madam Missy in her garden soaking up an important vitamin for convalescents
 The saved area on Missy's tummy showing her operation site
 She's having no truck with humans whom she trusted and yet they sent her off to be hurt. Poor kitty!

I love the way she has her paw hooked around the small shrub 

We hope and pray the two little girls will feel better by tomorrow. More later this week...


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Royal Wedding

Last Saturday I was invited to view the Royal Wedding at a hotel in the valley with a group of friends. Many hotels and resorts in the area advertised their events and I 'm sure each one was greatly supported. 

My friend, Cindy Muirhead was due to pick my up from my house at 9.30. I had already decided on my wedding outfit and after sorting the pets (what else?) and cleaning my cottage, I spent a good half hour getting ready. 

Friend Charmaine,  21`who works next door to me on the veranda of our shops, nagged me to send her photos of my "look". 

  Waiting for my lift to arrive
Me and Cindy arrived early and had front row seats in the private lounge
The receptionist, Jacques and I seemed to be the only guests who dressed for the occasion

I really loved attending the wedding !

Throughout the morning we were served with Shirley Temple (non-alcoholic) cocktails, cucumber sandwiches, cream scones and tea and coffee.

Later on we enjoyed a selection of savory snacks. 

At lunch time (shortly before Meghan was due to arrive at the church) we had curry and rice, chicken a la king and spaghetti sauce. This was followed by the most delicious petite fours, chocolate cakes, meringues and South African melktart!

As you can imagine, a great time was had by all!

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