Tuesday, September 25, 2018

National Heritage Day

...when South Africans celebrate the diverse cultural heritage that makes up a "rainbow nation". It is the day to celebrate the contribution of all South Africans to the building of South Africa 
— Lowry 21:1995

Monday 24th September was National Heritage Day in South Africa. here

The Zulu ladies in the Valley always dress in beautiful traditional outfits. Yesterday I joined them; albeit wearing a gift from my Guest House kitchen staff in  Tanzania - way back in January 2015.

 Gugu, Cecelia, Jo and Happy on the shopping center veranda 

I had guests in The Bunker over the long weekend.  So after  closing the shop at 3pm,  I drove up to the unit, cleaned it and changed the linen. On my way home, I always pass Thokosiza Lifestyle Center . Yesterday I popped in to drop information with the info center and then walked around to see Mavis, whom I knew would be dressed traditionally. 

 ... she was!
Mavis and I smiling for the camera!

Mavis is my house-lady, Thandiwe's sister. Mavis often helps me to explain something to Thandi . Thandi is pure Zulu and my Zulu leaves a lot to be desired! So Mavis is a great help when either of us need to communicate. Mavis also sells Avon Skincare for me in that Center. 

And as if the day wasn't full enough, I had a surprise visit from extended family. Many of my blogger friends have read about my SIL,  Shelley, who's also my birding mentor. Early on Monday morning, a couple walked into my shop. The man asked if I was Jo Hedges. As he introduced himself as Shelley's brother, Laurie, I recognized him. He and Lynn had been visiting in the Berg and Shelley told him where to find me. I was so touched that they popped in to greet me. I hadn't seen them since Grant and I attended Shelley's younger daughter, Kerry's wedding four years ago! 
Jo, Laurie and Lynn 

While writing this post, I got to thinking back on how blessed I've been this past month. On the first Friday both my brothers visited me - the younger one I hadn't seen since 2009. 

In the middle of September Cheryl and Chris made a special detour to stay in the Berg. We'd last seen each other 24 years ago; and for me to meet Chris. 

Yesterday, Laurie and Lynn stopped off to say hello. How cool is that! 

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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Playing with Missy

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog friends; this Ambrose to tell you how I enjoyed playing with Missy. Mum has emptied a box that had motorbike clothes in it; some of hers and some of our yoomen dad who's not with us any longer. I know he would've loved Missy so I've decided to play nicely with her. I hopped into the box and when she jumped onto it, the lids closed. I peered out of the gap in the side and also pushed my paw out while Mum took photos ! 

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Floral and other critters

For several weeks we've been waiting for a flower bud to open in a pot on Colette's part of the veranda.  Between me and Colette, Charmaine manages the off-sales. Last week Charmaine's elderly mum suffered a stroke and passed away suddenly. Charmain was away from work until Wednesday this week. The morning she arrived back at work, the long-awaited bud opened up. 
 Colette and I dedicated this bloomm to Charmaine in remembrance of her mom's passing 

And of course, back on the farm last Sunday, Skabenga and I had several walks. He was delighted !

 White-faced Duck...
  ... on Skabenga's pond ...

 ... who fly off as he enters the dam (see bottom right of photo) 
 He takes great gulps of water as he plodges through the water ! 

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