Friday, June 23, 2017

Back home!

Hello everybody; I'm back home in the mountains and back on Blogger. Grant and I have been on a motorcycle trip to the Free State. It was our motorcycle association's AGM which was held in Bloemfontein. More about our trip later. I'll also get back to blog visiting soon.

For now I'm posting the waning gibbous moon taken two Sundays ago.

Waning Gibbous; visibility 97%; age 16.5 days; 11 May 2017 at 6.47am

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Kitties best place

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose. We kitties are enjoying the cooler weather and spend most of the time on Mum's bed. 

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sad news...

On Tuesday, the older of the two miniature horses started to breath heavily. Debbie called the vet out who immediately diagnosed horse sickness. African Horse Sickness is a highly infectious and deadly disease. Read more about this killer disease here

The vet administered antibiotics and painkillers. Romeo rallied quite a bit by the afternoon. Debbie had more injections to administer that night. She and the children put the horses in the house near them so that she could monitor Romeo's progress. 

On Wednesday morning when I got into the big house, both horses were standing up and Romeo, especially was munching on the hay spread out on the floor as their bedding. The horses were taken outside and although Romeo didn't run about the garden, he stood quietly eating a little grass and drinking water that the children offered him. 

On Wednesday night the children brought the horses indoors but by Thursday morning, Romeo wasn't looking at all well. Outside in the garden he lay on his side while the children propped his head up on a bag stuffed with hay. The vet had told us to keep him on his chest or with his head propped up to avoid contracting pneumonia. 

Thursday lunchtime, Debbie had to run an errand and both Joshua and Eryn were exhausted from caring for the little horse. Grant sent them to sleep and I took over the horse sitting. Although his breath was terribly ragged, we all thought he didn't look like he was at death's door. I held his head on my lap and stroked him telling him he could get better. 

At 1.30pm Eryn and Joshua came outdoors. Grant and I had to take luggage to our next door neighbor as we're off on a motorbike tour to the Free State. We duly set off to the next door farm (which entails opening and closing four gates - yes, this is my privilege) and as we drove back into the yard 15 minutes later, Elijah ran up to the car and told us Romeo is dead. 

We were shattered.

Namusa and Thandiwe immediately set about digging a big and deep enough grave in the garden which could take a 150 kilogram horse. When the grave was right, Namusa, Eryn, Bethany. Elijah, Joshua, Debbie and I hammocked the dear little horse from where he'd died on the lawn to the dug hole. 

Much sadness for the little children. And as Grant said later that night: 

"That brave little horse fought so hard for his life, I thought he would live..."
Romeo shortly after the horses arrived here three weeks ago 

Rest in Peace, dear sweet Romeo