Saturday, December 3, 2016

Creepy cute critters

Last week I managed to find several strange critters on my walks with the dogs. The first one was the teeniest grasshopper on one of the new pecan nut trees. It kept creeping around the stem as I tried to photograph it. So I only have this one photo of it.
See how small this grasshopper is?

When I zoomed in on the bell-shaped flower, at first I thought it had a small mark on the petal. Looking closer, I saw it was a critter. 
 See the tiny critter?

Back home I noticed a millipede in the bathroom. Using a white sheet of paper, I slid it onto the page and carried it outside

We call this critter a shongolo. Note the zillions double rows of legs

The Millipede or Shongololo. They fall under the class Diplopoda and family Spirostreptrornorpha. Millipedes are arthropods, which means that they are invertebrates that have an exoskeleton. Their bodies are divided into segments, mostly two fused together, and each segment sports a couple of pairs of legs.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Sunny skies

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Pets, bars, pivots and fences

I feel quite a loss about my post today. I always had something to post about fences or security bars for Theresa's meme. 

These photos show life on the farm yesterday; a beautiful day as the sun went down. 
This fence (security door)  is self-explanatory! 

The neighboring farmer irrigating his maize lands last night 

Wishing you all a wonderful Thursday!