Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weekend post (Part 2)

Once we'd left Grant's aunt in Howick, we took the scenic route along the Midlands Meander.  We'd booked an overnight stay at Rawdon's Hotel.

Rawdons Hotel was built in 1956 by David Rawdon and was taken over by the Attwood family in 1967. The current owners, Don and Wendy Attwood, have handed the hotel over to their daughter Susan and husband, Peter Dean.  Rawdons is 4700ft above sea level, enjoys an excellent climate and is situated among some of the best farming areas and horse studs in South Africa. 

Rawdons Hotel is a welcome retreat for tourists and weekenders offering splendid a la carte, Table d’Hote and pub menus. The comfortable rooms are decorated with antiques that the family have collected over the years and one can choose from a number of suites including a romantic honeymoon hideaway. A top fly fishing destination, Rawdons boasts seven stocked dams on the 200 ha estate. The hotel also offers lawn tennis and quiet walking trails around the property for those not interested in fishing. A thriving independent brewery delights visitors with a range of naturally brewed ales and lagers of outstanding quality. pub, “The Boar” where, in winter, the fire crackles with warm welcoming hospitality.

 An olde-world hotel in the heart of the Natal Midlands
The view from our bedroom window 
The interior of the hotel was filled with beautiful antiques

It was refreshing to see an old-fashioned lounge with a reading area instead of an Internet Cafe corner
 A  beautifully carved fireplace caught my eye
We headed for the cozy pub for coffee and cake!

 Afterwards we walked along the lake and of course, I took photos of the birds. Above is a yellow-billed duck
My only photo of a Little Grebe in SA was of its back end!
A pair of Egyptian Geese on the jetty across the lake
 Red-knobbed Coot on a nest
That evening Rina and I dressed in our bling for dinner

I can't remember what I had for dinner, but the dessert was delicious! 

Today we're off to Home Affairs in Bethlehem to collect our new Identity Cards. When we return, I hope to start packing for our return to Tanzania.

Until then, you all have a wonderful weekend. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Have I said something...

Hi everyone,

I know I haven't been too active on my blog during November. However, I did post quite a long (and I thought, interesting - lol) post on Sunday.

And another this morning.

Yet, no comments.

Is it something I said?


Seriously though; since I started blogging six years ago, I have never published a post and not heard from the readers. 

I've checked my comment settings and nothing has changed since I last had comments. Can anyone help?



And just to add something cute, here is a pic of the youngest Hedges ...

 Keren-Happuch who is six months old today

Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend away in SA November 2014 (Part 1)

Last week Joel and Abby came over from next door. Of course, there always has to be treats at Gran's house. Joel walks in and says: "Aunty Rina, I'm hungry for Nesquick" He then opens the fridge, takes out the milk and places it on the table. Then he fetches his and Abby's cups from a special place in the cupboard. Rina keeps Nesquick (chocolate milk powder) especially for the children. 
 Abby and Joel enjoy their treat of chocolate milk at Gran's house
 Outside on the patio, Angie and Megan relax in the shade 

 Eddie never relaxes! Here she lies in the sun panting after a run around the garden 
 Chappie also relaxes on the patio
Tipsy, one of Rina's two cats that I sent out from Tanzania last year, has never had it so good! 
Likewise, his brother, Topsy lies in the sun on "their" chairs! 

Over the weekend we traveled down to Kwa-Zulu Natal to visit family and friends. First we stopped at Grant's aunt, Gill and her husband, Neville. Gill served us with a delicious light lunch and we showed them photos of Pam's new abode in the retirement center in Marquard. 
 Grant's aunt, Gill and her husband, Neville
 Grant and me, with dear sweet Gill and Neville outside their home in Howick

I'll post about the rest of the weekend soon.

I hope you're all having a great week. Ours is heading for the last few days in SA.