Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our new world in South Africa

As you may have noticed by my recent posts, there is a new member in the Hedges family. Rina, who's husband died from malaria while in South Africa last year, and whom we've had visiting us when we go out on leave, has had to leave her rented home. At the same time, Emily, our house lady who's been with us for fourteen years, asked to go on pension.

Grant then asked Rina to step in and look after our home and pets. Rina moved from Parys, Northern Free State on 25th July, a mere week before we went out on leave. Of course, she had a house full of furniture, a garage full of Dick's tools and a garden shed full of garden furniture and equipment. All this had to fit into our already amply furnished house. And although we have four garages, one is Grant's well-stocked workshop; the second one houses the two motorbikes, leathers and biking  paraphernalia. Our large car only just fits inside the third garage and a trailer lives in the fourth.

Rina also has her own car. 


The boxes, bags and suitcases are stuffed into our formal lounge which is never used, although I've always kept it nicely furnished and tidy.   
 A collage of what my formal lounge looks like at the moment 

A double bed, more boxes, more bags, baskets and other stuff is standing wall-wall and floor-to-ceiling in my spare room. 

 My spare room also looks like a furniture storage room at the moment

Fortunately we're having another wall-to-wall cupboard built for the guest room, which Rina occupies. We're also having a linen cupboard installed in my bathroom. As soon as these are in the house, Rina will unpack all her boxes and bags. She intends that my house is "back to normal" when we go out on leave at the end of October! 
 As posted last week, the grandchildren live next door to our home. Joel and Abby have a grandmother in Rina while I'm out of the country. Amanda's mum is also in town, so they are two very blessed little children
 And to add to the mix, are two cats: Tipsy and Topsy who love life in Marquard! 

Oh, and Grant has absorbed lots of Dick's tools; Angus has received a workbench and a large crate of hand tools. It's also handy to have neighbors you know very well: our trailer is stored in a garage in Angus' back garden - he has a double garage attached to his house. And while we're using our teak garden set under the new awning over the patio, Rina's furniture fits beautifully on our front porch. 

And Rina's car has its home in the fourth garage with the dogs beds at the front of the car.  

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I hope  you're all having a wonderful day in your part of the world.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Our first weekend back in Mwadui

Yes, our first week and weekend which heralds spring 2014, back on the mine and back in Mwadui. And guess what we did  over the weekend? 

 Returning along the mine road from one of our bird outings this weekend

Yes, we went out birding -  several times and we saw many interesting birds, moongoose and dik dik ! As it's officially spring in the Southern Hemisphere today, there were many young amongst our sightings.

More about our birds later this week.

Meanwhile I baked a couple of loaves of brown bread and also a few hamburger buns for Grant's dinner on Saturday night. I also made the hamburger patties from scratch (no pre-bought, flat, frozen patties for his nibs!)
 One of the two brown loaves I baked. I gave the larger one to Thys. He's trying to eat healthily and I thought I'd help him! 
 The other brown loaf which I will eat during the week. The hamburger buns were for Grant's dinner on Saturday night

I wish you all having a really great week. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hedges kitties are playing

Hi Bozo, Lindy and all mum's blog readers. This is Ambrose and with our mum home for a week already, we kitties have got back into the playing mode. We are HAPPY!
Dad Ginger has discovered the kitty scratching post. A kind lady in a FAR place sent it to mum. She also sent a big box of new food

Unca Shadow found a bell and played with it 
 I had a look but it didn't seem like a good game, so I left it! 

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