Monday, April 13, 2009


What a beautiful sight of my pond early yesterday morning
As I stepped out of the shower on Sunday morning, I looked out the window and saw the most amazing floral reflection in my second pond. Still sopping wet, I put on my pyjamas again and picking up my camera I dashed out into the garden. Kneeling beside the pond with three excited dogs trying to push me over, I began to click away at the beautiful reflection of the overhanging shrubs and their mirror images.
The sun had been up for half an hour, so while it was not truly sunrise, the soft light and warm rays reflected, were playing over the water and the pond’s surrounding area. After I had been taking photos for fifteen minutes, I came back indoors only to see that if I didn’t hurry up I’d be late for my band practice at church!
The soft light of early morning sun reflects the shrubs and trees perfectly
Peaceful and calm; what a way to start the day!
The dogs were very excited to have me in the garden and joined in the photographic excursion
This was the reflection which caught my eye from indoors
The flowering shrubs pay homage to the early morning sunshine
Last evening as I stepped out of the shower, I looked out of the window and saw the most amazing sunset playing out over my garden. You guessed it! I quickly got dressed and dashed out with my camera in my hand.
Magnificent sunset
Due to the windy conditions late in the afternoon, the clouds have been splashed across the sky
Pink, blue, apricot - what an awesome sight
The trees darken against the dying rays of the sun
The perfect ending to a perfect day


  1. Hope you had a lovely easter. The pictures are just gorgeous. Thanks!

  2. Hi Dedene, after having my family and the babies here for almost four weeks, this weekend has been very quiet! I managed to catch up on all my admin and bills and also spent time on the computer. Oh, and I took many photos... Thanks for popping in. Hugs

  3. I think that these must be amongst the most beautiful photo's you've posted on your blog so far, Jo - they really are amazing. You are surrounded by such beauty :)

  4. Thanks Lynda :) They say photo opportunities are just THAT: opportunities. This is why I ignored the discomfort of just having come out of the shower and dashing into the garden. I also love the photos - perhaps this time I made use of the opportunity. I am blessed beyond belief. Hugs

  5. Beautiful, Jo! You should join Skywatch!

  6. Thsnks Esther, I've been meaning to join Skywatch and now my bandwidth is my own, I think I'll pop in there shortly. Hugs

  7. What a beautiful day,
    from beginning to end!

    (I often take pictures from my window, not always in the perfect attire.)

  8. Wonderful photos!Really beautiful to see!Thank you for sharing!

  9. You have so many!! nice pictures girl :-)) loved tosee them.

    Hugs form the other siden of the world.

  10. OH.. you have so many besutiful pictures in this post girl. Loved to see them all.

    Hugs from the other side of the world. Anne in Norway.

  11. You have a lovely garden!

  12. what a super series of photos,

    Gill in Canada

  13. Wonderful series! The sunset is gorgeous!

  14. Great series!I really love it.Thanks for posting that.

  15. Great skies! Love the color in these photos.

  16. Beautiful shots, thank you for sharing your part of the world with us. Have a great weekend.

  17. What a lovely view you have at your home, morning and evening both are so pretty.

  18. Beautiful scenery. Nice shots.
    Hello to you.

  19. Hi, found you through Skywatch. What a fabulous sunset! You're very lucky to live in such a wonderful place.

  20. Wow, I cannot believe the visitors to my blog today. Thanks for visiting! I'm off to see all your blogs.
    Merisi;) I know what you mean about "not-so-perfect-attire"
    Steffi;) thanks for your kind comments
    Anne;) thanks for popping in...
    koala;) thanks, I am really blessed with my garden and that I can spend so much time in it (working with my gardeners or just walking around taking photos of God's beauty)
    Gill;) thanks for popping in. I've been onto your blog and I LOVE...
    Mike;) thanks for popping in
    Vincibene;) Yes, our sunsets are spectacular especially at this time of the year - autumn and winter.
    ChrisCandJohnJ;) thanks for your kind comment
    daddyandboys;) I was blessed to catch this sunset at its best that evening.
    Carolyn;) thanks for popping in. I love this beautiful country of mine...
    Glennis;) yes, I've looked out of this window before and seen a flock of wattled starling wading in that same pond. On occasion I've also seen a Hamerkop (Hammerhead) bird "fishing' for frogs and tadpoles in the pond!
    Hello Regina, hello to you too, thanks for the kind comment
    Gennasus;) thanks for popping in from Skywatch.

  21. your reflection shots are lovely...i just love them.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  22. itsnotjustapicture, I feel honoured by your comment after visiting your blog with all the lovely photos. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs

  23. Now I would just have dried my hands not to get the camera wet and been out there...
    Great to be greeted with that wonderful light and have a pond handy. Nice shots both morning and night.
    I mostly envy you the shower, we have so little water that showers are retioned.

  24. Hi Arija, I've just visited your blog and say again WOW! you have amazing photos and make use of every opportunity. Thanks for getting up early and capturing the fog over the valley. I really enjoyed your blog and will visit often. Thanks for popping in here. I know how blessed I am to have water but I ensure I don't waste (that is why I shower and don't bath , although I have both in my house...) Hugs

  25. Excellent photos. Really nicely done
    Thank you for sharing, great photoblog :)


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