Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shadow has a Procedure

The micro-chip identification which the vet inserted into Shadow's neck yesterday and all the admin pertaining to getting a cat into South Africa

Three months ago in the middle of May, we acquired a cat here in Khartoum. You can read about this here . A few days later I traversed all over the three cities of the Tri-city, Khartoum,  looking for the rabies and other vaccinations the cat needed. You can read about this here 

Staring up at a proffered toy

While in South Africa, we bought a micro-chip to be inserted into Shadow's neck. It is an identification chip and is necessary for when we eventually leave the Sudan and, of course, take Shadow home with us! Last week I visited the vet again and arranged for him to come to the flat and neuter Shadow while also inserting the micro-chip.
Stretching up to take his toy

Yesterday the vet, Dr Ali Khalid and his assistant, of the Police Dog Administration arrived at our home carrying his black doctor's bag. They caused quite a stir in the neighbourhood. (Afterwards Grant had to try and explain to the storekeeper aross the street and a few other neighbours what the "doctor" was doing here)  
Is he deep in thought? Can cats think?

As Dr Khalid and his assistanct entered our office/lounge/diningroom, Shadow who'd been sleeping under the table jumped up and hid behind Grant's desk. I eventually coaxed him out and grabbing him by the scruff of his neck, offered his rear end to the vet who injected him immediately. (Note: the method of grabbing the cat  by the scruff of the neck was taught to me by our vet in South Africa. It is not painful for the cat,  but like when a mother cat lifts her kittens by the scruff, they hang all curled up under her while she transports them, this is exactly how an adult cat curls up when you do it this way. He's rendered clawless - cats scratch and bite when afraid - and you can deal with the cat quickly and humanely)

Within five minutes, Shadow began to wobble and eventually fell asleep - behind the desk again. I retrieved him from under the desk and placed him on the dining table where the vet's assistant had laid out all the tools of the trade. At this point I left the room telling the vet that if he needs anything more, he could call me.
After Grant serviced the air coolers two weeks ago, he left the step ladder out on the balcony. It is now Shadow's lookout post. He can see into the street below and seems to be keeping watch on proceedings!

The vet gave me a tag for Shadow's collar. It says Intervet 2010 but we cannot read the rest - too small!

Shadow, today,  is a very different cat from the kitten (below)  who walked into our lives earlier this year

Fifteen minutes later the vet called me; he'd done the procedure (to neuter a male animal is called a procedure while spaying females counts as an operation. ) He was about to inject the micro-chip and I stood and watched. Poor li'l Shadow was out for the count, eyes wide open and tongue lolling out of one side of his half-open mouth. His breathing was so slow, I kept looking closely to see if he was still alive. The vet assured me he was under anesthetic and this was the effect. Our vet back home always told me that he didn't like pet-owners to see their pets during or  immediately after an operation. It is far too distressing for the humans. And I agree. Grant, the ninny, stayed M I L E S away in the bedroom, certain that his cat was not going to come through!

The medical team left and both Grant and I sat and looked at the cat still lying, unconcious, on the dining table. Well, I sat  and prayed...

Exactly an hour after the vet had administered the injection, Shadow's front paw twitched. His breathing became a little shallower and faster. Then he pulled his tongue in and licked his lips. He was coming around!

Another hour later and he was staggering around the flat. He didn't want a drink of water even though I offered it to him. When I went to bed, he was sleeping [peacefully] on the bottom of our bed.

Shadow (then still unnamed) five minutes after he had arrived to live with us on 16th May this year

In retrospect, I have to admit that it was a very traumatic day in the Hedges [Khartoum] household. But at least Shadow is "done" as my granddad used to call this procedure. He is also micro-chipped and can get into South Africa without too much trouble.

(So, my apologies to my blogger friends for not visiting your blogs these last two days. I've had a lot on my mind. I also apologize for another cat post but this is rather an important cat in our lives here in the Sudan)

The Arabic word for veterinarian (vet) is Tbyb Byţry (pronounced teebb-baytree). The Arabic word for procedure is ‘Jrã.

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  1. Awe----Poor Shadow.. Glad the procedure is over --and that everything is fine. I'm sure it was traumatic for you and Grant also. That kitty is gorgeous... Glad things have all worked out!!!!!


  2. What a brave kitty. Seems odd to me having the vet come to your home, unless it's a really big animal. Shadow certainly has turned out to be a handsome lad.

  3. I'm just so glad that everything has worked out well for Shadow and for you! Such loving and caring people you are and that is a blessing to us all! Give him a hug for me and have a great week!


  4. So glad you all made it through the procedure. I remember what Shadow looked like when you first got him and I must say, he is a shadow of his former self. No pun intended. He is healthy, vibrant and full of play, except of course during the procedure. He is so lucky to have you and Grant as his owners and you will have so much fun with him back in SA.

  5. Shadow has grown to be a healthy & well-loved cat. A far cry from the photo of him when he first arrived.

    It's good that it's all done & it went well. Love his lookout post too. :)

  6. Gosh, a home visit from a vet! That cat is so gorgeous. I'm glad everything went well.

  7. What a lovely cat - and I am sure, being a cat, she realises that it is all for the best! Look forward to many more cat posts.

  8. That is one very well off cat to live in your household!! I agree though, that it is more traumatic for us hoomans to have to watch. I love the difference in Shadow now and then. If I leave my ladder out in the yard my Sellie is up to the top pronto using it for a lookout too.

  9. "Hi Shadow - you'll LOVE the big garden in SA that is waiting for you!"

  10. Great little cat and you are real softies.I hope the vet only took the contents of the purse ( tech. term for balls) and leftThe pouch, that way he can keep his image up.
    All our cats have been done but only those the RSPCA have talked us into taking have micro chips. Their territory is no greater than about a mile from the houses and our land is bigger than that.

  11. Thanks Betsy;) it was rather traumatic but Shadow is almost his old self today. Hugs Jo

    Hi Gaelyn;) yes, home visits on small animals are rare even in South Africa. However, this vet was so professional and very thoughtful. He even phoned this morning to ask if "the cat is fine?" What a blessing when I discovered Dr Khalid. (((Hugs))) Jo

    Hi Sylvia: Shadow says thanks for the hug. He is a lot better today. Have a wonderful day. Jo

    Hi Joyful;) yes, you would also remember when Shadow "walked into our lives" THanks for your kind comments.

    Hi Shey;) glad to meet you. Thanks for popping in.

    Hi LadyFi;) it is a treat to have a home visit from a vet. As they say in the classics: Only in Africa! (lol!)

    Hi Caroline;)Good to meet you. Thanks for popping in and your kind comment.

    Hi Julie;) now I know why I felt such a "connection" to you: you are a cat person too. Thanks for your kind comments.

    Hi Ida, We keep telling Shadow this. But I don't think he believes us, ha! He is a "flat cat" for now. Bless you my friend.

    Hi Arija;) yes, he wants to keep his self-esteem, lol! That is the only way to go: neutered and spayed animals. Our other six cats and three dogs in South Africa, aren't micro-chipped either. This is just to get Shadow into South Africa when the time comes. I hope you're feeling better my friend. Bless you.

  12. 'Only in Africa' 'eh, Jo ?! I bet your neighbours were most interested to hear/see the trouble that you went to, to get an 'animal Doctor' to visit you for a housecall for a cat ! So glad that it all went well, wishing Shadow a speedy recovery. (Has Grant come out of hiding yet ? Men, 'eh ?!) xxx

  13. Poor little Shadow, but I'm sure he'll be good as new in no time. Micro-chips are really a good idea.
    By the way, Shadow has an adorable face :)
    ☼ Sunny

  14. The Vet came to YOU?? Wow! Only big animals get that here!
    Shadow IS indeed precious!

  15. Absolutely Lynda, it was the talk of the street for the afternoon. Shadow is really better this evening and beginning to eat properly again. Thanks for your kind wishes.

    Hi Sunny;)Thanks for your sweet comment on Shadow. The vet said he doesn't look like your normal Sudanese Street Cat!

    Hi Donna;) this is also not normal in South Africa. The vet offered to come to our home to do the cat and it was a lot easier this way. thanks for your visits to my blog.

  16. What a sweet little cat! She is a perfect model. I love cats and we always had them until the last one died in 1993.

  17. Shadow has become quite a handsome and elegant fellow! I'm glad he came through the stressful microchip installation and neutering procedure. It's great that you can now take him to SA when you go there! Hope he gets along OK with your other pets.

  18. Jo, Shadow is a beautiful kitten. It is cool that the vet came to your house for the procedure. The microchips are used here for finding lost pets. It does work well. Wonderful photos.

  19. He's a beautiful cat,Jo, Glad everyone made it through all right. I didn't know they did this sort of thing in your home. I like his ladder look-out...

  20. In Singapore, when we rescue cats, we mirco chip them before getting them adopted. We also de sex them, and it cost a lot of money.

  21. Hi Reader WIll;) good to see you. Yes, we've had cats for all our married life and seem to continue with them...

    Hi Pat, thanks for your kind thoughts! He will enjoy South Africa when we take him out one day, but I think he'll dislike the other cats. He's an only child err cat, LOL!

    Hi Eileen;) it was a blessing the vet visited us here. In South Africa micro chips are used to find lost pets. But in this case, when Shadow enters SA at the airport, he has to be microchipped. One of the rules. Thanks for popping in.

    Hi Carol;) thanks ; yes,he's back on the ladder and checking up what's been going on since Monday when he was too ill to climb it. Poor lad,

    Wow Ann, that's wonderful that the strays are microchipped and de-sexed. I wish I could do that here. So many stray cats...


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