Sunday, August 20, 2017

Ambrose and Dad Ginger

Hi Bozo and all Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose and I have some photos of me and Dad Ginger...

 How close are we cuddling?

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Special Critters and snow

 Baboons along the road as we travel to the shops in Champagne Valley

Chacma Baboons are prolific in the Champagne Valley; especially where there in human habitation. They are a great nuisance in the campsites and in many people's gardens. Humans have caused these animals to become too tame and actually enter you home or tent if there's something left open and causing great damage and an even greater mess. 

 On Thursday the cold front finally arrived. When the clouds lifted off the moutains they were covered with snow

 I snapped these birds overhead while volunteering at the Parkrun this mornning. I'm not sure what they are although Grant says they're vultures. They're too small for me to make a positive ID

Beautiful aloes with the dam in the background at the Parkrun venue this morning 

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Friday, August 18, 2017


While traveling to our breakfast run last Saturday, Grant stopped so that I could photograph a farm name along the road. I was interested as I had grown up in the Eastern Highlands of Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe today) The Chimanimani moutains are a beautiful range of mountains quite close to where we lived. Years later a general manager of the mill where my dad worked, bought a house in Pietermaritzburg and named in Chimanimani. And this is why Grant stopped - was this the same person (or his descendants) who'd since sold their suburban home and settled in the Kwa Zulu Natal midlands? 

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Saturday through Thursday!

Last Saturday Grant and I didn't take part in the Parkrun; instead we met biking friends of ours for a breakfast run at the Nottingham Road Hotel in a village by the same name. 

Many years ago when Grant and I stayed at this same hotel, we queried the fact that they didn't have off-street parking for our [then] Harley Davidson Sportster. The sweet young receptionist said no problem, bring your Harley into the foyer and park it here. 

Which Grant did with a great roar of exhausts and throttle. Just then about half a dozen farmers rushed out of the pub and said if a Harley can be parked in the hotel, they want to park their farm pick-up trucks there as well! 
Grant, Jo, Jo and Lee 

On Tuesday I joined my hiking friends on a long walk along Porcupine Ridge to the Garden of Eden and back to our starting point. (12km) There was plenty of climbing (and getting your heart rate up), lots of descent and of course, a beautiful stop for tea at Cathkin Dam. 
 Cathkin Dam with Champagne Castle peaking out in the distance 
 One of the many steep inclines on our walk

After the hike, two friends gave me a lift to Grant;s workshop and later on we came home up on the hill. Then on Tuesday evening, while in the large house, I rounded the corner past my deep freeze too quickly, my right foot slipped out under me and I flew across the concrete floor. When I got up, I realized I had hurt my knee and calf muscles with the fall. Sure enough, during the night, I expienced excrutiating pain in my upper right leg, the pain was a little less in the knee and then spasmed awfully in the calf muscles. Yesterday morning, friend Estelle took me our local paramedics in the Valley. They prodded and felt and asked where it pained. The diagnosis was that I'd stretched (torn?) the muscles above my knee which cause severed pain in the calf muscles. 

The paramedics gave me Voltaren tabs to take and also strapped up my leg which gave me immediate relief. 

Great hilarity when we arrived at Steve and Estelle when Steve brought out his late mother's walker to use from the car to the house. 
Moi with the walking frame 

So I'm such a nutter: I hike up, down and along strenous mountain paths; I do the Parkrun every week but walking through the house, I slip and damage my leg/calf. Remember how I injured my foot about a month ago slipping off packing crates and sitting on my foot on the floor? 



Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Southern Bald Ibis

One of a small flock of Southern Bald Ibis in the fields next door

The southern bald ibis (Geronticus calvus) is a large bird found in open grassland or semi-desert in the mountains of southern Africa. As a species, it has a very restricted homerange, limited to the southern tips of South Africa in highland and mountainous regions.
This large, glossy, blue-black ibis has an unfeathered red face and head, and a long, decurved red bill. It breeds colonially on and amongst rocks and on cliffs, laying two or three eggs which are incubated for 21 days before hatching. It is a large bird that feeds and roosts in substantial groups. It feeds on insects, small reptiles, rodents and small birds. They do little vocalizing other than occasional gobbling sounds.
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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Howick Falls

Last week we were in Howick on business.  Grant had to meet a man at 10.30; then he was due to meet another at 12.30. At 1.15 he arranged to again meet the first man at his place of business. We did some pretty fancy footwork fitting all this in - and on the hottest day we've had in three months! 

In between meetings,  I mentioned that I'd never seen the Howick Falls

So we drove down to see them! 

 I always like quirky signs like the ones above! 

A busker gave a rather emotional rendition of Amazing Grace while we were there 

Yesterday our two youngest grandchildren came into the rondawel as Grant arrived home. I was busy in the room next door but heard them ask Grant all about the cats: how old was Ginger; why is Chappie the only girl kitty; which toy does Ambrose like... 
Kezzy (Keren) stroking Ginger 
Here Kezzy places Shawn the Sheep next to a purring Ginger 
Israel gives Granny a big smile for the camera 

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Free Car Wash

Driving home along the servitude yesterday, Grant stopped the car under the pivot which was irrigating the wheatlands next door. 

I loved the rainbow created by the sun on the spray and whipped out my camera! 

 The free car washing facility on the way home yesterday! 
Grant was thrilled that his car is a lot cleaner than before we stopped under the pivot spray. I was thrilled with the pretty photos of the rainbow and water drops! 


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ambrose in disgrace

Hi Bozo and all Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose and I hear I am in disgrace.

I wonder what that is...

Oh, Unca Shadow tells me it's because I went out into the bushes E A R L Y yesterday morning and only returned when it was nighttime and dark! I should have been home early in the morning so that the Guinea Pigs have a turn to go out.

Oh well. I suppose Mum will keep me indoors for a L O N G time today to make up to the Guinea Pigs. 

What's that Unca Shadow? 

Oh, now you ALL have to be punished because of me.


I wanted to come back sooner but there were many B E E G horses in the yard and I was afraid. But I'll try to come back in time in future! 

Meanwhile I found some cute pictures of the Hedges kitties!

 Mum took this photo of me, Ambrose. Don't I look innocent? 
 Unca Shadow was sharing the pretty blue rug with me 
 Aunty Chappie has her own double rug and a sheepskin donut to sleep on
 Dad Ginger loves sleeping on his green pillow 
Later when I was curled up behind Dad Ginger, our yoomen dad said we looked like a pair of prawns and took this photo! 

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

All manner of critters

Yesterday morning the dogs and I were out walking while still dark. The waning gibbous moon hung in the navy blue sky above us. As always we have to pass the horse stables and as always, I stop to rub their noses and say hello. 

 Skabenga turns to look back at his Mama with her camera! 

 I had to capture this: the pivot path running through the wheat; the moon hanging above us and a fire in the distance

Once again, a fire had been put in and set alight a large tract of grasslands. Although this flushes out the wildlife, I didn't hear any baying dogs or see any movement around the fire except that of the flames. I zoomed in on the fire especially for my friend, Sandra to enjoy! 

 Skabenga and Eddie tired out after a good hard early morning run along the servitude
 Running along home
 The sun was at its most glorious as we arrived back at the rondawel

 Breakfast on the porch! 
While in the shopping center yesterday afternoon, I saw friend Margie leaning into a car window and talking to someone. I went up to take a closer look and saw this beautiful boy on the backseat of the car. We'd met this chocolate Labrador several months ago when his mommy was sitting on a bench outside Margie's perfume shop. Margie had him on HER lap. He was three months old. His name is Elliot! Yesterday I just had to snap a nine-month-old Elliot for my Saturday Critters post. 

 Isn't he just so adorable ? 
 He wasn't too sure of Margie or me and kept his eye on us! 

As he heard his mom approaching, he visibly relaxed

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