Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tailwalking at Parkrun

Last weekend Steve opened the shop for me and we managed to get to a Parkrun event again. As usual Grant volunteered to sweep/tailwalk. However, on Saturday morning he woke up with a painful left foot. It was swollen and as he would've been challenged to walk on it, I swopped volunteering jobs. 
 The start of the Winterton Parkrun every Saturday 
 Grant and Shorty, who were both timekeepers on Saturday, looked quite funny with one foot in the air as they stepped up to the start
 Even though I was the sweeper, I ran ahead before to take photos of the runners and walkers as they set off on the Parkun
 Marelize and Tiger stride it out
 This young girl had a very friendly face 
 These walkers looked mighty serious
 Ant and Alan came up in the rear. See three more dogs on the Parkrun
 I turned and saw two young women running to catch up. As the sweep, I had to wait for them to pass and then only could I continue
 Ant and Alan on the home stretch
 Grant clocks Alan in 
 Ant and Grant share a joke as Grant clocks him in
 The tailwalker/sweep for Saturday: moi! My time was 1 hour and 02 minutes! 

I always put my peak and glasses in the car before we have a Parkrun breakfast. In the car park I photographed a group of bikers out on a Breakfast Run.
The Ladysmith BMW club

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Puppies and diggers

Arriving at the Parkrun venue on Saturday, the first thing that caught my eye was a silken pelted Pointer pup playing on the lawn. 
  Isn't she precious?
She belongs to Diane, the owner of the Waffle Hut 
 I forgot to ask her name...
 Meeting Tiger, the miniature daschund from Scrumpy Jacks
 TLB at work on the farm we pass while doing the Parkrun - the friendly operator gave me a huge grin while I took the photo

Back at work later that morning, we saw a Jack Russell puppy walking along the veranda. 
 This time I asked his name
 His mistress told me: 
Everbody wanted to pet him 


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Socializing, playing

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose with the news of the Hedges Kitties. 

Aunty Chappie and Dad Ginger socializing. The doggie is in the picture too...
 Here I, Ambrose test how high I can climb 
Unca Shadow is thinking hard while sitting on a log 

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Common Critter today

In the flower beds below my shop veranda, we have a resident bird: a Common Fiscal. Seeing it fly in, I took my camera and captured a few shots.

 Common Fiscal (Male)

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We're off to Parkrun for the first time this month. Then it's back to the shop - business as usual...


Friday, September 15, 2017

Sunrise, building construction and blue skies

Sunrise earlier...

This week, Grant started the first stage of building for a lady who's returning from Australia at some later this year. 

Over the weekend, Grant phoned dozens of people who have TLB (diggers) to level the ground. Every machine was either busy or broken. He eventually phoned our friends, Brian and Gene in nearby Muden. Brian has his own earthmoving operation. As it wouldn't be economically viable to hire his TLB, Brian contacted a friend, Justin in Winterton (our nearest town) Within the hour, Justin rang Grant and they booked the digger for Monday morning. 

The outhouse to the left of Grant's vehicle will be extended to become a one-bedroom; en-suite, open-plan kitchen-living area granny flat - all with a front deck on the bank (where the azalea bush is**) looking up to the mountain peaks and a beautiful view from the front porch. 

** Today the TLB operator dug out the azalea bush and Natal Bottlebrush next to it. Estelle's gardener helped me to replant each one in a safer place. Here's hoping they survive....

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The clock has stopped...

...for Muthi...

Yesterday at just after 2pm, Muthi, the 21 year-old Jack Russell, decades-long friend of artist Steve Bull and Estelle and four-legged legend of Champagne Valley, crossed Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge is a virtual memorial home and grief support community for your departed baby. Whether furry, feathered or scaled, all are welcome.
In loving tribute to all of God's special creatures who filled our lives with joy, happiness and love... 


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My world these days

Our shop is situated along an extended, paved veranda in a vibrant shopping centre in the Drakensberg Champagne Valley.

Now... said veranda...

It's my networking platform; my stage. 

I like people; I like talking and meeting new people is what you do in a place like this.

Ostensibly I sell a non-essential product (not everyone wants or can afford art) so I engage with every person that passes this shop.  

My shop front 

Part of the veranda showing other shop fronts 

The immediate photo above shows the entrance to a restaurant called The Purple Giraffe at the end of the veranda. When we opened the shop (on 1 September) Estelle treated us to a light lunch and milk shakes. Linda, proprietress of the Purple Giraffe is an artist in her own right and creates the most beautiful and delicious milkshakes: Turkish Delight; Belgium Chocolate; Strawberries AND cream; Dark Chocolate and Orange. 

When I've chatted to my own potential customers about the Muthi picture (a showstopper and piece d'resistance), I suggest they try a milkshake at Purple Giraffe.  Time and again, they return and tell me thanks for the suggestion; the milkshake was delicious. And guess what?  More often than not they buy something from me ! 
Muthi and the Meerkats (sound like a 60's band name!) 

Last week Linda sent refreshments for me and Grant to say thank you! 

On Sunday a man came in and said: I've been sent to you to buy your African Potato Cream. **Margie, from the other side of the veranda runs a shop selling perfumes, creams and Tea Tree Oil and sent him to me! 

Yesterday morning Colette at the Hide Shop nearby brought a young couple to me; they wanted a "mountain" souvenir. Of course I have mousepads, potstands, coasters, clocks, magnets and keyrings of all the paintings Steve has done. As they were browsing, I asked where they are staying. They told me and I immediately said: You are on honeymoon! They nodded shyly and when I said I want to see you back here in 45 years, OK; they laughed!  They bought souvenirs...

Oh, and this post has taken me more than an hour to write! I have been up and down umpteen times !

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** African Potato Cream is part of the Vitamune Range. It's a blend of traditional remedies using only ORGANIC base oils (sesame, jojoba and macadamia nut oils) It's also 100% natural.
It contains extracts from the Kigelia (African Sausage Tree)  African Potato (Hypoxis) abd Sutherlandia (Cancer Bush) and is used for mild skin cancers, sun damage, eczema, sunburns, athlete's foot among other. 


Monday, September 11, 2017

Rest in peace, Daddy

On this day, one year before 9/11, I lost my dear dad to cancer, aged 81 years. Even though 17 years have passed, we miss you dearly Daddy. 

Four years prior to this, my father-in-law passed away. My sweet mum (Daphne) sent my mother-in-law, Pam a letter of condolence and a recipe for the most delicious fruit tart ever. 

My sister-in-law, Shelley Butlin Hedges got the recipe frrom my mum in the eighties. Two years ago she sent it to me via e-mail. 

Recently Grant's aunt Gill (mother-in-law's younger sister) and her husband visited us and she brought along the recipe written in my mum's own hand. (My mum only lived 16 months after my dad) 

To all who lost loved ones in 9/11, my heart goes out to you.

Note: To Pam, the date and Daphne under that (I take after my mum; date and sign writings)

RIP Daddy and Mommy. 

Muthi and the Lovebird

On Sunday I visited friends, Estelle and Steve at their home. Estelle's brother and SIL were staying over and had their pet lovebird with them. Sparkles (a Rosy-faced Lovebird) is a tame bird who is caged for sleeping purposes only (or if they visited the Hedges cats) 
 Sparkle's mum put him near a sleepy Muthi
 Uh-oh, what's this? 
Muthi acknowledged Sparkles' inspection of his bell by lifting his head and wagging his tail
Steve and Sparkles eyeing each other. I hope to convince Steve to paint this....


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Kitties in the sun

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog friends, this is Ambrose with the latest on the Hedges Kitties. 

Guess what we're all doing? 
 Unca Shadow and I sleeping on our sheepskin donut 
Dad Ginger (front), Unca Shadow and I, Ambrose enjoying the sunpuddles 

Aunty Chappie was outside and didn't get into the post.

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