Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ferry across the Nile

Tourists enjoy a sunset cruise on the Nile, Khartoum

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  1. It is great to see a photo of the Nile River :-) I almost went to Egypt a few years ago and would have taken a Nile cruise. Perhaps some day.

  2. Looks like a very fun thing to do. Beautiful shot :)

  3. Hi Jo, this is so nice... longing to visit this infamous river too .. someday! thanks for dropping by...

  4. The you for the photo!!

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  6. Hey, I recognize that river! ;o)

  7. Hi Joyful;) If you do come up this way, we must meet up - I'm just "across the river" Ha!

    HI Cat: good to meet you.

    Hi Vernz;) Cruising on this part of the Nile, is one of our "things to do" Thanks for popping in.

    Good to see you Donna;)

    Egypt: Thanks for the information. we've been trying to find a cruise that won't exploit us. Will check on that one to see if available in Khartoum.

    Hi Jackleen:) Yes, we're could wave at each other - ha-ha!

  8. A sunset cruise like this is such a nice way to end off a day.

  9. thanks for reminding us about the nile and the beautiful sights there


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