Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Iconic African raptor

I know, I know. This eagle is one of the most common raptors in Africa and found almost everwhere on the continent from the centre of the map downwards to the Southern Africa. However, it's not a raptor that I have seen regularly ; and when I do have the privilege, it's in flight, many meters above me in the bright blue sky. The only way I've even known what I'm watching is by its distinctive call of "keeeow-keeeow-keeeow" with the female normally replying in a lower tone.

On Sunday while driving along Lake Bogoria, Grant spotted this bird on a tree top with a [bloody] meal in its claws.

Unless you are looking for it or are as sharp-eyed as my husband, you could miss this sight 
The Fish-eagle flew off to another tree just a little further along the road
And continued to feast on its catch
As Bogoria Lake is a sulphur lake, it harbours no fish. And although the African Fish-eagle feeds almost entirely on fish, this one had come across from Lake Baringo (a fresh water lake) and found easy pickings among the thoursands of birds. Here it was feeding on a flamingo
While we watched, the fish-eagle flew off towards the lake and landed at the water's edge. It took off again immediately with the food in its left claw and disappeared from sight

On our way back from the geysers, Bertus spotted the Fish-eagle sitting on top of a tree to the left of the road. Replete and enjoying the sun.
African Fish-eagle


  1. Wow, quite a bird adventure for you, Jo. Yes, it's a good thing you have a sharp-eyed husband.
    I've never been much of a noticer, having always had poor eyesight, improved with glasses but never 20/20. When I took my young brother Rob to Australia in 1982, he was only 14 and, being an artist, was very much a noticer. "Look at the kookaburra on that pole," he would say to me, or point out something else I had missed.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Excellent sighting and captures. I saw the Fish Eagle at Kruger, but always far overhead.

  3. What a handsome raptor! Great shots of it especially the one in flight and the last one. You are lucky to experience life in its most natural state.

  4. Such a magnificent bird!! Most raptures here are hawks and kites - I have yet to catch (on photograph) and identify my first eagle!

    That said, looking forward to you reconnecting with your dogs! I'm sure they will be thrilled!!!

  5. very graceful and beautiful... we do not have birds quite like that in Mississippi

  6. Hi Jo,you should be safely home in SA by now! I sort of fast forwarded to the pink flamingoes as hawks/vultures are not to my liking!
    I enjoy all of your posts just some more than others!
    I look forward to reading about your animals and garden in SA and how they coped in your absence.

  7. What a beautiful bird. It looks alot like the American Bald Eagle.
    You take such good photos!

  8. Jo, it would be a new bird for me. Great sighting and photos.

  9. He's so gorgeous Jo!! Great shots!

  10. He's a beautiful raptor! We see golden eagles frequently around here, but it's hard to get a good photo.
    Yours really show the bird well.

  11. That beak looks like it could tear any living thing apart! With its white-feathered head, it reminds me of a bald eagle, our national bird, which is now an endangered species.

    These are great captures, Jo!


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