Saturday, October 20, 2012

Welcome little Reuben

I've posted about Salome before. She works at the Guest House as one of the Cooka's (chefs) and also does the laundry and ironing for the men. In July she proudly announced that she was pregnant; her first baby. Now, Salome is a tall, thin,young woman but within weeks of finding out she was expecting, her   uniform changed for loose-fitting shifts and a few weeks after that she was wearing final semester maternity dresses. 

When I returned from leave at the end of September, Salome was positively glowing and literally waddling around. She was on light duties, continuing to iron but sitting down at the table. The rest of the staff rallied around to make things easier for her which I found very touching. 

By now Salome had already found out that she was carrying a boy so I asked her if she had a name for him yet. She just laughed and said she and her husband, Isaac had not yet discussed it. In view of her and her husband's Biblical names, I suggested she call the baby Reuben.

Last Wednesday Salome went to the doctor for her final check up. He booked her off for the rest of the week and scheduled her for a Caesarian Section if her baby hadn't arrived by the weekend. At lunchtime on Monday, the 15th of October, Pendo told me that Salome had had a son by "oplation"(operation)

On Tuesday afternoon, Tilla and I drove to the hospital to see mother and baby. While in SA I'd bought a layette for this little one and although I couldn't see too much of the tightly wrapped child, I noticed that he was wearing a teeny yellow tee-shirt from the collection.

Salome's sister was holding the baby when we arrived and as Tilla and I said afterwards, she's going to be of invaluable help to Salome in the first weeks back home.  She obviously has children of her own as she was most confident while handling the little one. Salome looked a little shell-shocked (she told me it's the first time in her life that she's had surgery) and deserves the three-month maternity leave she's entitled to in this company.

When I asked the baby's name, Salome said: his name is Reuben! 
Salome with her newborn baby, Reuben

Little Reuben had quite a yellow pallor but is perfect in every way

Dada/sister proudly showing her brand new nephew. I took a handmade-by-Amanda teddy as a gift for the little lad

 Bibi/Grandmother (me!) with her latest mjukuu/grandchild! 

I hope you're all looking forward to a wonderful weekend and have a really great one.


  1. Wonderful story and a beautiful little boy! Thanks for sharing the photos, Jo!! You do so much good for others! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Welcome to little Rueben and congrats to the family. I hope mama takes care of herself after having a C section. Three months flies by! You are sweet to buy the little one a welcome present. I was also happy to see your little grands in SA are on the mend.

  3. Jo, it is a lovely story. So glad the Mom and baby Reuben are doing well. He is a cutie too! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Congratulations to the young mother ! she looks beautiful ! I am surprised that the medical knowledge is so advanced (knowing which sex the baby will have and also the cesaerin)in an area so far away from "civilisation" and also that she has 3 months off ! Usually the women give birth and run around the next day in the fields (unless I am wrong, apparently in this case) You look great as Bibi !

  5. Little Reuben is adorable and I know he will be much loved.
    I agree with Penny, it takes much more time to recover from a C-section than from a natural birth. I hope Salome will be well. I know Bibi Jo will be on hand to help!
    Luv, K

  6. Congratulations to Salome and her husband on the birth of their first child, Reuben! It is such a joy to welcome new little ones into the world.


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