Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cousin Tipsy has a new home!

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose with new news: Cousin Tipsy has left the Hedges household. He has a new home. Well, as Mum says, it's not really a new home because his old owner lives there. 

Yes, our yoomen dad managed to get permission from the man who gives permission for these things, for Tipsy to live with his yoomen Aunty Rina in the retirement centre. The rules are that cats and dogs aren't allowed in the centre. 


I wonder why?

Anyway, this afternoon, while we - The Marquard Moggies - were lying in our sunny bedroom, our yoomen dad and Mum took Tipsy in the car to Aunty Rina. Afterwards, while Mum was busy in the kitchen, I sneaked a peek at her photos and used these in my post...
Cousin Tipsy's new (old) mama opens the travel cage on the carpet
Cousin Tipsy looks nervous here - we kitties are like that!
Here he explores the spare room...
...the hallway...
...and his mama's bedroom
Then he remembered his mama and went for a petting
Here he and his mama have a cuddle

Not only is Cousin Tipsy reunited with his mama, but now we Hedges kitties have the run of the entire house any time of day or night. No more being closed into the bedroom while Tipsy has a turn in the garden; no more does Tipsy have to be closed into his room while we three kitties have a run around house and yard. 

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  1. Hi Ambrose, I bet you are thrilled to have the run of the Hedges place without Tipsy. I bet Tipsy is also glad to be reunited at last with her yeoman. Rina too must have missed Tipsy very much! Have a great week as I know you have a wonderful home and garden to explore.

  2. Well that is a great ending a round them Ambrose. I am sure Tipsy and Rini are overjoyed at being together again.

  3. I do love a cat tale with a happy ending. I am so happy for Rina and Tipsy to be reunited. it is so hard for pet lovers to live alone. both will be very happy and also yippee and happy for all of you to be roaming free.... God bless your dad for getting them to agree. I can see why no dogs but cats are a different thing.

  4. Hello, good news for everyone. Tipsy is home with his momma and the Hedges kitties have run of the house. Great photos. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  5. So good to see Tipsy reunited and happy! And of course your joy to be free at home all the time!


  6. What a great story... Sounds like the best of all worlds. Tipsy and his Mama are happy to be together again ---and I'm sure that the Hedges kitties are HAPPY to have the run of the house at all times....


  7. And everyone lived happily ever after.


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