Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Early morning walk on the golf course

Yesterday the dogs and I were on the golf course at 5.30. The sun was just beginning to appear and the wind was keen. I wished I had brought out the winter gloves! 
This didn't daunt Skabenga who jumped into the dam with great gusto! 
Sunrise, Tuesday 11 October, at 5.41
On the way home, I noticed the sun behind the resident horse; he was waiting at the gate when we passed
Skabenga waited while Mama photographed the beautiful scene of a horse with the sun rising behind him

You all have a wonderful Wednesday! 


  1. hope you have this same beautiful sky in your new home.. I love these. will Skabinga have a pond to walk in? I know there is a horse to look at..

  2. GORGEOUS... We hope to start our walking early in the morning AFTER we get all of the falling leaves UP and get the yard 'ready' for winter.... Right now, we both are working in the yard both morning and afternoon.... SO--those beautiful walks will happen again during winter and early spring.


  3. Just a little tease of cold before summer begins. And just the opposite here. Nice walk.

  4. Lovely scenes from early morning.

  5. Yes, the horse shot is so pretty!!


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