Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Meeting friends

Taking part in an evening 5km walk for cancer at the end of October, I was thrilled to meet up with a couple whom I'd not seen for ages. 
Di and Colin from the UK and moi 

Two days ago in the shop, a very talkative customer mentioned he works for Lestsing Mine in Lesotho. I immediately asked him if a certain person was still the general manager. He said, no that person had just turned 85. I said he was the GM of the diamond  mine in Oranjemund., Namibia when we worked there in the 90's. 

Then this customer and I looked at each other and asked each others names! Turns out Stu Bowen was in Oranjemund the same time as Grant and I worked there. Stu's daughter, Fay walked in and we told her we'd just realized we had worked together way back when. She got us to stand together and took the photo below. 
Jo and Stu Bowen, ex-Oranjemunders! 

Last week, two very smart ladies were browsing in my shop. The one turned to me and thanked me for speaking Afrikaans. I told them I come from the Free State and the lady said: I'm from Bloemfontein and my sister here is from Marquard. This lady turned to me and as I said: who are you? She said she was Elsabe, lived in the Marquard retirement village; knows my friend, Rina and knows my MIL, Pam as well. She looked closely at me and said: You are Amanda's mother-in-law! I laughed as I'm always known by connection: either John's mother, Amanda's MIL or Grant se vrou (Grant's wife!) 
Me and Elsabe from Marquard 

Never a dull moment while living in the Valley.


  1. it is truly a small world, the number of people from your past and people that know people that know people in as large a continent of Africa, just flood in your store. so happy you got to see them and talk about old memories. I love your outfits, you always wear such pretty clothes.

  2. Hello, Jo!
    Lovely photos of you and your friends. It is a small world. Enjoy your day and week ahead.

  3. Its a very small world 😉. Hope all is well with you. Diane

  4. Wow, you've run in to all kinds of people. Like Sandra said, it really is a small world

  5. great to meet new and old friends and you seem very happy living there.

  6. You get so many visitors from elsewhere that you know. Good for you!


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