Friday, January 13, 2012

Kenya Safari Part VIII continued

Yesterday I posted about driving to and arriving at Sleeping Warrior Lodge. This is the view we had from our room and from the outdoor dining area.
The view of Lake Elementeita and the African bush from the Sleeping Warrior Lodge
Our room at Sleeping Warrior Lodge Camp

Once the porters had helped us take our luggage to the room, we returned to the patio below the reception area, for coffee and biscuits. On the way we had a number of hyrax running across the paths; quite tame they were too. According to the lodge manager, they're rather destructive and make short work of leafy trees and shrubs, and any new saplings. They also breed prolifically. In South Africa we know them as dassies.

Very cute and quite destructive little creatures!

We had coffee on the terrace with a vista of African grasslands and bush stretching as far as the eye could see below us. At the same time, we were entertained by a variety of little birds visiting the bird-feeder.
First on the feeder was a pair of Red-cheeked Cordon-Bleus, the male on the left of the photo and the female on the other side

The next bird, a Yellow-spotted Petronia, was a lifer for me and Grant. I was thrilled to capture the rather indistinct yellow mark on its throat!

While I watched and photographed the birds, my coffee got cold and Grant ate all the biscuits! (His excuse was they were becoming soft in the open air, LOL!) The Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu returned and a Masked weaver landed on the other side of the seed dispenser. When this bird had had its fill, it flew off an the Yellow-spotted Petronia landed in its place.

Below the photo I have a fun and easy quiz question for my readers:

Question: what is the gender of the Red-cheeked Cordon bleu in the two photos above?

Then it was sunset and the sky turned a beautiful purple tinged with pink...
The volcanic crater, The Sleeping Warrior which gives the lodge its name, is bathed in the last glow of the sun. (Fred, apparently the lodge and camp has been open for about five years)
In Africa, darkness falls suddenly...

After we'd had a much-needed shower, we returnd to the diningroom for dinner. Sitting at the roaring fire (yes, it was very cold the night we stayed over!) I watched and photographed a pair of swallows building a nest in the corner next to the chimney.

Swallows building a nest above the fireplace in the lodge dining room

The lodge manager Lawson, right with George, his reception manager

The next morning, while I prepared for the day...
... in a unique shower with a view of the bushveld

Grant took photos of the glorious sunrise!

While I waited for him to ablute, I spotted and photographed the only baby of the day, this fluffy little bird. (not sure what it is)
Taking our handluggage to the car while the porters kindly carried other bags

Another tough day in Africa!

A Grey-backed Cameroptera watching us have breakfast

We stopped once on the dirt road leading back to the main highway for me to photograph this elegant Secretary Bird

Then it was time to "hit the road" to quote my husband. We were on our way for another overnight stay at Island Camp on Lake Baringo. 


  1. How gorgeous, Jo... I love your little lodge room. So cute... What a beautiful place.

    I'm madly in love with the Cordon-Bleus..... How gorgeous!!!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful trip with us.

  2. So beautiful! I love the views of the Sleeping Warrior from your terrace. Nice bird photos too. You George has a nice ready smile. I'm sure Lawson enjoy working with him.

  3. What beautiful views and this unique shower, lol !
    Looks very adventurous !

  4. Jo, you had me feeling like a school boy. Did you see my hand shoot into the air when you asked the sex of the Cordon Bleu? Male! Red-cheek gave it away. Beautiful scenery at that lodge. The room looks like it may have a tent beneath a rock exterior? Had to laugh at Grant's excuse for eating the biscuits. Your picture of the shower with the open window rieminded me of too many funny things I've encountered in similar accomodations! Doesn't look too private to me. Haha.

  5. Love your room with a view, including the shower. Great bunch of birds. I like that red check patch on the male Cordon bleu.

  6. Hi Jo, what a great serie and I love the Secretary Bird... they are so special!
    Weekend greeting from Holland,
    Anna :-))

  7. What amazing scenery, and such beautiful birds!
    I love the tent/hut setup for your room.

  8. You stay in the cutest lodges, Jo! Was your room made of rough rocks? Those cordon bleu birds remind me of parakeets--lovely blue colors. I am enjoying reading about all your adventures!


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