Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mammoth shopping in Mwanza

After doing the monthly shop for the company guest house yesterday, I stood and watched - amazed - while the supermarket employees packed the ningi (many) boxes of groceries into our landcruiser! The top two photos show the load from the front seat. I don't think this would be legal in the US or Australia!
The top left photo shows the first restaurant we entered but where the food was not forthcoming. At a cafe just a around the corner, William enjoyed a plate of chicken and chips while I took photos. Not as smart-looking as the first eatery, but at least it served a meal!

Before leaving Mwanza, William and I stopped at a rather smart-looking restaurant for lunch (see top left photo) But although a waitress asked us what we'd like for lunch, she said nothing was ready. (It was 12.30 noon!) She then disappeared through and outside door into the alley which was visible from where we sat  - the kitchen presumably.  She returned immediately with a plate of ugali/maize meal and ndizi kijane [fried] green bananas. Note: ndizi is the "bananas" and green=kijane. So bananas green! I suggested to William that we leave and look for another restaurant. 

Just around the corner we saw a man grilling chicken outside a shop. William asked him for a portion of chicken and chips while I went indoors, fetched a bottle of water for myself and a soda for him and paid for for it inside the shop.

While William enjoyed his meal at the mirrored counter, I wandered around and took photos with my phone.

I hope you're all having a wonderful day and getting used to the NEW, IMPROVED (HAH) BLOGGER!


  1. Hi Jo...Wow...I'm not liking the new blogger Either! I may switch to my WordPress account if I can't get Blogger to load photos the way I want!
    LOVE your shots to! Love that we get to go with you to the most amazing places!!
    Stay safe and well!

  2. That chicken on the braai looks good.

  3. You did some serious shopping, Jo!! Fun shots for the day! Hope you have a great weekend!!


  4. Wow---that's alot of shopping!!!! We got shopping every Wednesday ---so we never let our 'stash' get THAT low... BUT--since you were out-of-town for awhile, I can see why you need to do so much shopping...

    Glad you decided to leave that first restaurant. I'm sure that William enjoyed the chicken and chips.. What did you eat?

    Have a great day.

  5. Jo, I just love reading about your exploits in Tanzania. It is (at least in part) because I have had a few similar experiences. I said few with tongue in cheek. My oh my! This one takes me back to Bunjibugo, Uganda and the Vanilla Hotel. Thanks for the many memories and for allowing me to relive them as you tell of your and Grant's experiences in Eastern Africa!

  6. Yes, that's some serious shopping but I know you have to make a big trip to get it all so it's important to make it worthwhile. I'm sure William enjoyed the chicken and chips. Often what I have in Kenya too. Enjoying my week so far. Hugs. xx

  7. Going shopping with you is a mammoth job ! lol ! I think you need a toilet paper roll to make your shopping list !

  8. Looks like the simpler place to eat had the better meal! Sometimes too much time is spent on decor and not enough on customer satisfaction with the food.

    LOL about all the stuff packed into the Land Cruiser. You're right--It wouldn't be legal in the US because the driver can't see out the back window with his rear view mirror.

  9. I found the wheel to convert my blog back to the old blogger and I like it much better because I'm so familiar with it!


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