Thursday, September 4, 2014

Good fences, Good neighbors

 As many of my readers my know, our son, Angus and wife, Amanda recently moved in next door to us. So they are our neighbors to the left of our house ! We don't have neighbors to the right; instead we live next door to what used to be my beautiful garden which I sold to the neighbor who lives one property beyond that. At the back of our house we have a young couple; the lad, Nicos, is Greek and now a successful supermarket owner in town, grew up in front of us.

Last year the wall between us and Nicos crumbled and Amanda arranged with a fencer in a nearby town to erect palisades. (Many people refer to this type of fencing as devil's fork but I don't want my property enclosed and protected by the devil!)

The fence between us and the owner of my previous garden erected palisade fencing and inserted slats which keeps his dogs on his side and our dogs and cats on ours.

Fifteen years ago I had enclosed both properties with six food fencing topped with razor wire. This was the fashion at the time. The last bit of fencing of this type was removed in the front of our house and replaced with palisades and wooden slats. Once again Amanda kindly made all the arrangements with the same fencer and sent me photos as the job - which was completed in less than two days - progressed.
 The boundary between our property and Angus' is depicted by a wall (see right of photo)

Our old six-foot fence topped with razor wire
Replaced with palisades
With treated wooden slats added for security and privacy

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I hope you're all having a great week so far.


  1. i like the palisades with wood slats inserted! looks very nice and does a great job for privacy, too!

  2. I know you are happy to have some of your kids next door to your 'main' home.... You really have a beautiful home for sure....

    Lots of fences to show off. I love that last one --for privacy.


  3. Looks very good ! The old wired fence looked like a prison ! But was probably necessary at that time. We are separated from our neighbors by a hedge of ivy and on the other side bushes. There is a fence inside but you can't see it anymore.

  4. I love the new fence. i would like to have that wall around our entire property...

  5. Both fences are very interesting. I like the palisades; they will provide privacy nicely.

  6. I know you will enjoy your children next door, and the new fencing.

  7. Oh I like both fences for today. Good fences.

    I enjoy Thursday fences. Mine are up if you care to look.

    Have a great day! Love your huge home. So now your kids are near by. Mine are hours away but we chose that as they are all grown up with kids. Had have their life's.

  8. That new fence is so much more appealing, anf probably reflects increased neighborhood security.

  9. Amazing privacy and sturdy, and pretty to look at too! Win-Win!

  10. Hello!:) I like your new fence. The wood should last a long time after being treated. It gives you great privacy, and looks nice.

  11. What a nice new fence you have. Better then barb wire for sure. Love the color of the posts.

  12. No much water, for youin this moment, grass is dry, greeting from Belgium.

  13. I like the new fence, especially with the wood inserts for added privacy!

  14. Nice privacy fence.
    I like all of them.
    Razor wire may be appropriate for protection, I reckon.
    Peace :)

  15. I vote for the new fence. How nice that your son and his family are right next to you. Will you spend much time there?

  16. The new fencing looks wonderful! And so much privacy too.


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