Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ambrose Hedges Kitty update

Hi Bozo and all mum's blog readers. This is Ambrose and I feel you're becoming my blog friends too. Eek. Mum might tell me I'm being cheeky!

Once again THEM have left us kitties alone here while they go to the club to watch that funny game on telly. I also heard dad ask mum to make salad and toasties (what's toasties?) for a barbee koo which they're having there.

So now it's time for me to look through the latest photos on mum's laptop and give you all a kitty update.

First photos I came across are of the original Tanzanian Trio: Dad Ginger, Unca Shadow and me, Ambrose. We're taking a well-deserved nap on our day bed, with our tiger mama, on our veranda.
Three kitties...


And then, oo-ee, there were photos of the other kitties.

Is that Blackie sitting on the  re-boun-da and playing with all Dad Ginger's toys? Oh my, I hope he isn't caught! Lucky at the time, my kitty daddy was lying asleep on the day bed.

Blackie playing with Dad Ginger's toys!

And here's Jess sitting in the window, looking quite handsome. I think I'm beginning to like my half-brother kitty friends.

Jess sitting in the window

 All this posting on the blog is quite exhausting. 
'Night all!

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  1. All you kittens and cats are looking very happy and contented. Momma Jo sure treats you so good! Now please don't get into trouble while she and Papa Grant are gone.

  2. Lovely cats photos!
    Have a nice sunday! RW & SK

  3. Happy content kitties, glad everyone is well. Cute photos, thanks for sharing. Have a happy day!

  4. To th Kitties. You are look great but do not get up to any mischief when Mama and Papa are out!!

  5. all the sweet kitties!!

  6. Have fun guys!! I know it is tiring but...


  7. I'm so happy that the new kitties are out with you three, and soon you will all be sleeping with the Mama Tiger!
    Lots of love from
    Lindy and Auntie Kay


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