Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hardworking Hedges Kitties

Hi Bozo and all mum's blog readers. It's Ambrose here. Our yoomens are out again tonight so I have the laptop. I saw that we spent almost all week resting and sleeping.

In the beginning of the week, mum tidied out a cupboard in the dining room. She had empty boxes on the table so I jumped into one and then the other. That was hard work! 

Me, Ambrose checking up in one of the boxes on the table 

When I walked out onto the veranda, I noticed the rolled-up grass mat on the small table. It had to be inspected, so guess who had to do the job?
Inspecting the rolled-up grass mat on the veranda

After all these hard jobs, I joined Unca Shadow and my dad, Ginger already asleep near Mama Tiger on our kitty day bed! 
 My dad, Ginger sleeps with his tongue out. My yoomen dad says I do too! 

Unca Shadow asleep with his eyes open! 

 I snuggled up to the Tiger...

...and was soon fast asleep

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  1. Ah, I do love your happy kitties, Jo! Such fun captures for the day and Ambrose is a terrific blogger!! Hope your enjoying your weekend!!

  2. Hi Ambrose. I see you are still sleeping a lot but you got some great shots of your family even they were asleep!

  3. You are a very lucky boy, Ambrose, to have your dad and your uncle and a big mama tiger to rest with after you did all that work.
    Love from Lindy and Auntie Kay.

  4. JO, your kitties have fun adventures. Love the cute sleeping kitties. Have a happy day!

  5. You know, that tiger is a great idea for the kitties to get their snuggles! Love the photos!!

  6. Hi Ambrose love that tiger for snuggling up to.


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