Thursday, November 13, 2014

Good Fences Great Church

Thanks everyone for the kind comments on my post yesterday. Once again, this is just a quick post telling of a small part of our motorcycle tour this last week. 

Next are images of the Groote Kerk/Great Church in the center of a beautiful Karoo town, Graaff Reinet.  

Do check the links, especially of the church as my images only show parts of this beautiful building as I wanted to emphasize the fence.

I'm linking to TexWisGirl's Good Fences Thursday link which you can visit here

To Theresa of TexWisGirl, your question on my post about would we live in that unit being built. The answer is we're building it for Grant's 85 year-old mum. One day we may have to use this option, but for now we 're grateful that we're still healthy and strong enough to live in our own three-bedroomed home when we visit South Africa. 

May you all have a wonderful Thursday. 


  1. okay, that makes sense. when you said 'our unit', i considered it for you and grant, but that's 'your' unit for her. got it!

    and the church and its fence are beautiful!

  2. So many wonderful old looking churches in SA.

  3. Great fence around that church. I see it is the fourth built on that site and the article was surprised it had a chimney but in those days it would have been the only way to heat a church surely. It certainly is a beautiful building.

  4. We have a few pretty churches like that. Some of them are built in old gas stations.

  5. I do love the fence! And what great captures for the day, Jo!! Hope your week is going well!!

  6. (i went ahead and linked you in! hope you don't mind!)

  7. Gorgeous church and fencing.


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