Sunday, November 16, 2014

South African Critters Summer 2014

On our recent bike trip to the Western Cape, we came across many critters. We're joining Eileen's Critter Party from SA this time.

On our first stop in Graaff Reinet, after we'd off-saddled into favorite overnight cottage, we walked over to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch.  Of course, there were cats...
One of the many cats which the restaurant staff feed on the patio - this one's name is Snowy!
A few minutes later a snow/y white cat arrived for a snack. The waitron told us his name was Rastus!

As always we spent a wonderfully relaxed weekend with our friends, Mart and Pete at their Guest House in Knysna. 

Pete and Mart's deck where you have breakfast, overlooks the Knysna Heads. (I've shown photos here before, but now I just cannot think where in my archives these are!)

Over the years Pete and Mart have had tame Cape Wagtails and Common Fiscal. The Fiscal is called Wally and is already a second generation resident Guest House Common Fiscal. While we stood in Pete's kitchen (and he made breakfast) Wally landed on the window sneck near Pete.
Wally the Common Fiscal arrives at Pete's kitchen window for his morning snack
Minutes later he landed on Pete's crossbar which holds the pots and pans
 Then he landed on one of Mart's bentwood chairs - the cheese snacks were on the table in front of him
He flew out of the window around the guest rooms to a hedge of shrubs below the deck
Wally shared his cheese treats with a couple of his offspring. Above is one of the Common Fiscal juveniles from Wally's brood

On Sunday morning, after breakfast, Pete drove us down to Leisure Island, parked the car and we walked through this beautiful residential area enjoying the beautiful homes and gardens.
Grant striding ahead, Pete behind him and Mart just in front of me

Of course, when we strolled along the beach, I took many photos of the many birds around. 
Grey Heron
Kelp Gull
Kelp Gull (Juvenile)
Little Egret

Walking along the streets, I took umpteen photos of beautiful homes, gardens and of course, fences and boundary walls. (To be posted later)

A beautiful park in the middle of Leisure Island
Indigenous trees and shrubs on the island
A peaceful bench in the park

Back in the car again, we drove from the residential area along a wetland prolific with birds. Pete stopped so that I could take photos...
Pied Avocet
Black-winged Stilt
Three-banded Plover
White-throated Swallows
A close-up of a White-throated Swallow - a lifer for us! 

I'm linking to Eileen's Saturday Critter Party which you can also visit here

As Friday's post was aired, we were on our way to Kwa-Zulu Natal. We've seen Grant's aunt Gill and her husband, met up with old friends from our Zululand days and also spent the night in Muden with good friends Gene and Brian at their Guest House. 

I hope to be able to visit blogs once we return on Sunday. 

Meanwhile you all keep well and safe. 



  1. HI Jo I missed this post because usually on Saturday I usually only answer post that Eileen post on her Saturday Critters however you probably didn't know but Eileen didn't post one this week due to computer problems. Anyway, I will email you in case something isn't working on blogland!! I loved all the birds you saw on your outing.

  2. A wonderful post, lots of interesting critters. Hope your comment glitch is okay now.

  3. you popped up in my feedly reader today and i read the post. i use feedly to read. the only thing i can think of is for some reason your blog did not update because today is the first time i have seen a post... i missed this one and two others...this island is beautiful. heading to the others i missed.

  4. Strange, I've never been to South Africa, but I know someone from
    Graaff Reinet!

  5. Looks like a beautiful place.. Love all of your pictures...

    Seeing all of those different birds is GREAT.... I'd love to sit on that bench for awhile... Beautiful.



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