Saturday, March 4, 2017

45 Years

What better way to celebrate 45 years of marriage than to have fun with Funny
Grant and Jo Birthday Anniversary Cake
Grant and Jo Photography vs Watercolour
Grant and Jo Black and White photo effect (all our wedding photos were in black and white)
Grant and Jo Vintage Memories Frame
Grant and Jo Billboard at night
Grant and Jo Shabby Chic books
Grant an Jo Cat Dreams
Grant and Jo Wedding March

Apart from playing with this new program, I'll be on the Parkrun as this post is aired. We'll return before midday and spend the rest of the day quietly at home. 


  1. Beautiful use of photos. My husband and I were married almost 45 years so I know how wonderful those years of togetherness are.

  2. Hello JO, Happy Anniversary to you and Grant. I wish you many more happy years together. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Happy Anniversary Jo. You and Grant have certainly reached a significant milestone. Enjoy your hike and the rest of your day! xx

  4. AWESOME!! This is such a special post....and you two make a beautiful couple. 45 years together in wedded bliss just can be beat in this day and age. You two should be so proud!! I so enjoyed reading this and seeing the special photos and memory making.

  5. OH NO NO NO... you did NOT show me things I have not found in I love every single one of these ALL of them are spectacular. my arm is hurting thinking about finding these edits... HAPPY Anniversary. Wow on the 45 years... keep playing

  6. Happy Anniversary! Have a wonderful day!

  7. Happy Anniversary. What a sweet looking couple.

  8. Happy Anniversaary Jo and Grant. These photgraphs are brilliant and a lovely wy to remember your speical day


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