Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A quick ride

This Saturday past had been very busy on the veranda and I did good business. Sundays can sometimes be lucrative (as I've proved while running the art shop) but this particular day, I noticed the cars were streaming up the road past the centre and going home. Not bothering to stop.
After being opened for two hours, and greeting about 15 people who walked straight past the shop, Grant and I decided to close up. 

We were going on a bike ride.

We did, we had a lovely ride and ended up at an eatery where we had a light meal and iced cold drinks. 

As we walked out, Grant pointe to a painting on the wall: it was the Muthi/meerkat painting which draws the most attention to the shop. 

I told the youmg man who'd served us, we knew the artist and had known the dog, who'd crossed the Rainbow Bridges two months ago. He said he'd take a photo of us posing next to the painting.
Posing in front of the famous Muthi / Meerkats painting 

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  1. Great shot. Have a good week, Diane

  2. I need to charge the battery up with a run.

  3. Hello, it feels good to take a break from work. Going for a ride was a great idea. It is neat you saw the famous painting in the restaurant, love the photo of you two with the painting. Enjoy your day!


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