Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The cat enclosure

I recently posted about a new kitty with whom my cats will have to fraternize. 

Mr Tibbs arrived all the way from Australia about a month ago. He and his mama, Caroline live in the house we occupied while our cottage was being built. While he lived in Oz his yoomens built him a cat enclosure which ensured he could meander outdoors into the garden and yet be contained so that he didn't wander off. 

Here in SA, Caroline commissioned Grant to build Mr Tibbs an enclosure.Steve designed it and Grant  built it.  Next follows a whole series of photos which I have taken to show how [well] this enclosure works. 
 The one end of the tunnel is attached to a window in the lounge 
 Standing at the lounge window I photographed the tunnel running out across the patio. The other end of the tunnel opens out into a large garden enclosure 
 The garden enclosure which is shaded; has Astro Turf and real grass already growing on the left side of the enclosure. Mr Tibbs loves to nibble juicy grass fronds 
 Caroline is pointing something out to Grant; I can't remember what!  
 A side-on view of the tunnel and enclosure
 Mr Tibbs relaxing under the chair which is against the window from which his enclosure starts! 
 Mr Tibbs having his ears fondled by Uncle Grant 
 And out he goes! 
 These things can't be rushed, you know!  
 Mr Tibbs has potted shrubs as well as trees to climb in the enclosure 
 Hello, where you looking for me? 
 Here you can see the trees and stumps as well as the potted shrubs. The sandy area beyound the Astro turf on the right, is a natural sand pit for Mr Tibbs
 These things take time, you know...(Mr Tibbs contemplating entering his kingdom! )
 Aha! and in we go! 
 Mr Tibbs sits and looks around his domain...
...then lies down to survey his surroundings 

Isn't this the most ingenious idea ever?  Mr Tibbs even goes outdoors at night and his Mama doesn't have to worry about him getting lost of being hurt by other cats. 

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  1. I for one was very curious to see the enclosure so thanks for sharing it. I think it is a fabulous idea. It gives both Mr. Tibbs and Caroline freedom when he wants to go out. It was very funny watching Mr. Tibbs take his time before entering his kingdom. I'm sure he will enjoy it a lot. Well done to Grant for building it.

  2. Those enclosures are compulsory in some of our newer suburbs. And when I have saved up enough I may have one installed.

  3. A very luxe solution for a very pretty cat.

  4. this is truly AMAZING, what a GREAT idea... his very own outdoor space and safe to roam in fresh air, plus his own tree. good job Grant and Steve

  5. Mr. Tibbs is a handsome looking fellow!

  6. Mr Tis is a gorgeous cat and what a wonderful structure that was built for him ~ very creative and wonderful ~ ^_^

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Mr. Tibbs is a very lucky cat to have such an elaborate enclosure that allows him the freedom he's accustomed too. I'm sure Mr. Tibbs is thrilled. :)

  8. What an amazing idea!! Mr. Tibbs is beautiful and his place is lovely! Of course, you can't rush these things, have to explore everything very very slowly, taking it all in :)



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