Sunday, July 29, 2018

Missy and Ginger

Bozo has gone to his holiday home for a month while his yoomens visit in the UK. So I gave Ambrose a small journalistic break!  Meanwhile, things are looking good at home with all the cats integrating at last. Well, the boys still take every opportunity to taunt poor Chappie. I think this only happens when I'm there : a territorial thingy or Mum is a-mine-thingy...

Last night Missy and Ginger had a shadow boxing session. Note the two chairs set in a row, sort of fashion. This is because Ginger always sits on my office chair (he always has) so I normally move him carefully back from my desk and place another chair there for me to sit on. Now Missy has annexed MY chair. 


 Here's wishing you all a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Both beautiful. And I am very familiar with losing my chair (and bit of bed) to a furry despot.

  2. oh well, I hope MOM has a third chair!!!

  3. Cute kitties, I hope they are just playing. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead.

  4. Looks like you'll be needing another chair


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