Tuesday, July 10, 2018

My day off

The last time I was off from the shop, was early June: for a dental appointment! This past Saturday I was off and instead of doing the Parkrun, I volunteered. For those of you who have followed my blog, you'll know that Grant and I first joined Parkrun, Winterton in December 2016. We never missed a day. In fact, Grant became the regular sweeper for this particular Parkrun.  However, in the last month of  2017, due to time constraints with me opening the shop on time on a Saturday, we sort of started missing Parkrun,. On 16 December, and the subsequent two Saturdays I offered as a volunteer, in  memory of Grant. I posted about this...

The first week in 2018, I laced up my running shoes and once again, I took part in Parkrun. I manage to finish the 5km in 44m and less and this enables me to get to work within 15  minutes. So I open the shop around 9.20 instead of the usual 8.30. When you volunteer, you are "on duty" until the last walker and sweeper come in. I had the job of scanning the runners' bar coded cards this Saturday. 

Of course, you can imagine how exciting this task is! The first runner in, broke the Winterton Parkrun 5km men's time. 
 Best 5km time at at Winterton Parkrun: 15m45s! 

Before the race starts, our Parkrun Director/s always welcome all to the most beautiful Parkrun in the world. See below for confirmation of that statement.  

 Only one  of the beautiful views along our very own Winterton Parkrun route (Photo: Pamela van Vuuren) 

Another very interesting participant was this man below. He has done 109 Parkruns around the country - on crutches.   
 Chris Wheeler who made the 5km in 54 min. He is a "touring" Parkrunner! 
Afterwards I joined Ant, John, and Alan for the Parkrun breakfast. Mine, as a volunteer that day, was free. At least I got to sit down and socialize with my friends which I can't do on days when I run the Parkrun.  

Afterwards I went home, just 5km from the Parkrun venue, and changed to go out for lunch with friends. I had been invited to a Christmas in July function by my friends, Gwenda and Dave. Their old cell group from nearby Howick always come up to visit them at this time of the year. They bring all the food and music/musicians as accompaniment to the Christmas carols which we sang before the meal.  

Dave and Gwenda manage an upmarket holiday resort just below where Grant and I stayed with Steve and Estelle for two months. Therefore, nestled at the foothills of the peaks with an unbeatable view of the majestic Cathkin Peak and Champagne Castle.

 As you can see by the images: it's a tough life in Africa!
 Adeste fidlese sounded good as ever - even in July!
 The food was a vegetarian's dream - of which I was the only one!
 Carole, a retired high school teacher, slicing the fresh, warm panini.
 Mike, the musician, providing background music to our lunch 

After lunch we played a game called : Secret Santa. Everyone brings a wrapped item ; you can buy it or it should preferably be something in your home that you don't like and would like to get rid of! We all drew paper with a number on it. Then the person who has #1 is first to choose a gift. She unwraps it; it belongs to her. For now. The next person in line chooses a gift and if she wants the gift number one contestant won, she takes it. And so on!
Dave makes his choice!
 The pastor chose a neat-looking red parcel ...
 ...only to find that it contained two psychology books which his wife had wrapped !
 Great hilarity as people tussle for the desired item! 

The first parcel which Carole opened (she was #1) contained a one-cup teapot. It was previously-owned (read: used) and it was plain white. But everyone wanted that teapot! In the end, Carole who also had the final choice, claimed the teapot back from the pastor; he had conned it from someone else.  
Here Carole holds her "trophy" aloft! 

Mid-afternoon I drove home to my cottage way across the valley. There, after spending time with my cats and taking Skabby for the obligatory walk, I bathed and dressed to go out - again! I was off to a 21st birthday party. My landlords and friends, Gavin and Janine's  younger daughter was celebrating her coming of age. The venue was somewhere way back in the Valley again, so I arranged with Ant and Cindy to take me along with them.

 As with  weddings, young people today certainly know how to to arrange events 

Older sibling paying tribute to her "little" sister  on her coming of age 

 I sure was glad to get back to the shop on Sunday and rest! 

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  1. That's very nice to read that you had an active social life lately ! Christmas now in July, a nightmare for me, lol !

  2. wow, this was a big DAY OFF, 3 things in one day... glad you could go to all of them and the thing I noticed in all the photos is the SUNSHINE. I am a huge lover of sunshine.. the teapot is so cute and we used to do this gift thing at all our sunday school parties. it is a fun way to play and receive gifts

  3. You had a huge day off Jo! I'm glad you had so much fun. Wonderful scenic route for Parkrun always brings a smile to my face and to hear about the man on crutches was simply inspiring. Christmas in July sounds right up your alley with the nice vegetarian options and I'm sure the socialization was even more fun. The young lady certainly had a lovely coming of age party. Enjoy the rest of your work week.

  4. Sounds like you had lots of fun on your day off. I love reading about those Parkrun events. People sure do enjoy them and they are a great social event.
    Enjoy the day!

  5. My goodness. What a busy (and delightful day). Love that variation on Secret Santa.

  6. What lovely memories and fun times.


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