Sunday, October 7, 2018

More kitties on the veranda

Six weeks ago, John phoned and told me that a stray cat had had kittens in their cottage. He asked if he could bring mama and babies up to the Valley for adoption. The first thing I told him is that he'd be bringing coals to Newcastle. We have enough orphan kittens brought to the veranda. 

The next day he arrived at the shop, sans cat and kittens. He said they were too small;  he'd come up again when they were a little older. 

I'd almost forgotten about them when he sent me a Whatsapp of mama with kitties nursing. Their eyes were open and of course, they were so cute!
John's mother cat and her five kittens - 
at this stage on the North Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal 

A week ago John and the three boys arrived at the shop. They had mama cat and kittens in a cat carrier. Colette, who'd set up a secure and quiet spot in the back of her hide shop, took them all out and placed them in their new home. 
 Mama cat and one of the kittens in their new home 
 We named her Callie and she was spayed on Tuesday. John helped with some of the vets' costs
 Two of the three dark gingers in a plastic bucket! 
A clutch of cuteness - all the kittens on a chair in Colette's shop

Callie has been moved to Colette's home where she will stay. 

Now here's the irony. We're 250 km inland from the Eastern Seaboard which is the Kwa-Zulu Natal coast. John lives north of Durban i.e on the North Coast. My SIL, Shelley (my birding mentor), placed the photo of Mama with nursing kittens on her Facebook page. A friend of hers shared it with her friends and a lady from the South coast which is south of Durban and of course 250km from the Central Drakensberg. This lady wanted two of the darkest ginger kittens. I said I'd see if I could find someone going to Durban where she says she can meet with the persons bringing the kitties. 

On Saturday a group of young ladies and a young lad were oohing and aahing over the kittens. Next minute the black one was spoken for. The same young woman who has taken the black kitten is returning on Tuesday and will take the two ginger kittens to Durban. 

I have connected the new owner on the South Coast with the young Durbanite and they'll arrange how to hand over the kitties.


Never a dull moment on the veranda! 

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  1. Hello Jo, the new born kittens are adorable. What a great story to read that they have been adopted. I am glad Callie was spayed. I hope they are all happy in their new homes. Thank you for linking up your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead! PS, thanks also for the comment.
    Love the photos.

  2. such a wonderful fairy tale kittie story. so happy they are finding homes so quickly and that everything is falling just in the place it needs to be... mama is beautiful,

  3. A lovely tale. So glad that they are moving to loving homes.

  4. The little kittens and mama cat are very cute. If you were closer I would want a ginger kitty. I'm glad they all have new homes. Well done to all of you. xx

  5. Aww, such cute little ones. Glad to hear they are finding homes

  6. Glad those precious kitties are finding homes.... My son works for an Animal Center --and they work hard year-round going out into the community and offering free birth control/neutering for all of the millions of cats out there... It helps with the cat population --but still---much more should be done...

    What will happen to the Mama cat?


  7. How fortunate to find homes for them all.

  8. Thanks for the wonderful share. They are all just too adorable. Glad to see they are starting to get picked to go to their furever homes. Mom did a wonderful job. Have a great time little ones with your new families. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  9. Wow, what a story and it has a happy ending. Good team work, the kitties love you, Jo.

  10. So good to find homes for some them so quickly.

  11. Another example of the tremendous benefits of social media - well done to get those cuties adopted into great homes! Joining you from Saturday's Critters.

  12. they are gorgeous Jo and glad they will all have good homes now. HAve a good week ahead


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