Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Families rule!

On Saturday I interviewed and signed on a new member with Weigh-Less.  None other than my landlady's granddaughter, Jenna. My landlady, Ronnie is a Weigh-Less member and doing very well. Her DIL, Janine, (who is Jenna's mother - get the picture!) is also a greatly successful Weigh-Less member in my Winterton group. 

I'll do a post shortly on how family-orientated my groups are. 

While I stood bent over next to Jenna, sitting at my desk, the little kitten who she took over, jumped onto my back... and fell asleep. 

Baby Henry asleep on my back 

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  1. I hope you stayed very, very still and didn't disturb the little cutie.

  2. baby Henry is sooooo cute... we have two Mother/daughter sets in our TOPS meetings also.. and several sets of best friends that come together.

  3. Awwwwww, how I adore cats! This is so sweet.

  4. Hello, Baby Henry is adorable. Congrats to the weight-loss members. Have a happy day!

  5. How sweet ! I haven't forgotten you but I am sooo busy ! Mr. G. is in his rehabilitation center, but still too weak to start the reeducation. The hip is OK but he had lost a lot of weight and had gotten two blood transfusions now.
    He will be away at least for another 3 weeks, until he can come home, because I can't take care of him, I am not strong enough. In my free time I try to make the best out of it otherwise I would get crazy!!


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