Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Angie Update

A few days ago, fellow blogger, Esther saw Angie's photo in a garden post of mine and commented how she had grown. Esther has the most awesome Rhodesian Ridgeback called Sheba, and shares her with us in brilliant posts . It made me realise that I’d not done a post about Angie and the other dogs for quite a while. So here goes on an Angie Update...

This is my best side for your blog update
A royal wave from a beautiful princess

We're waiting...

Yippee, we're going for a walk

Was I good on the walk?
A short rest and then off to play in the garden

Wait for me , Eddy!Whoo-hoo , this is FUN!
Oops, sorry!
Mind out the way, Megan!
Shh, I'm just hiding here from Eddy
I tell you, Eddy, the frogs are this side
Uuudeee, fwaags a heeaar
They're ...
here! Aw, I'm not playing anymore!
This is what I'm here for...
...to protect my mum
This is serious work
Rest easy Mum, I'm on guard!

Since my hubby left for his contract in the Sudan, I found that Angie has become very protective of me. Last night I had to go to the back of the garages to throw garbage in the bin. It’s quite dark around that corner although my husband has installed a movement –sensor light on the eaves of the roof (he has these lights all around outside the house).Angie was at my side within minutes but when Megan also decided to come along for the outing, Angie decided it wasn’t on and growled at her!

A week ago I realised that Angie sleeps on the lawn outside my office window while I’m sitting at my desk. She has a lovely, blanket-lined basket set on a raised pallet, in the back of my garage, but obviously she feels she cannot keep an eye on me from there. I think she goes into the garage once I turn the office light out and go to bed. I don’t know what she is going to do when the cold weather sets in. We have frost here in mid-winter and even before that, nights are very cold. I’m thinking about getting her a kennel and placing it under the office window. My dogs always wear coats to bed in the winter so that should help if she continues to sleep outside.

Having adopted Angie from the SPCA, I can only guess her age. My vet says she is nine months old, so I have decided that she was born on 7 July 2008! She has the sweetest nature I have ever seen in a dog; she is also the most obedient dog I have ever had. Oh, and she's the cleverest! An added bonus is that she and Eddy are the best of friends and will always be.


  1. These were such fun pictures to view - they are all so beautiful! We don't know the official birthdate of our Aussie (other than June 2001) so we picked the 26th as his special day (we adopted him from the Aussie Rescue). It looks as though you are well loved and taken care of.

  2. She's so gorgeous Jo, may you be blessed with MANY long & happy years with her :)

  3. Thanks for popping in flmom. I love pets' birthdays - means more celebrations, which means more cake Ha! We've just celebrated our oldest cat's 13th birthday on 1 April ; I did a post on him that day! Is Aussie the name of your dog or his breed? Hugs

  4. Thanks Lynda, you know how much we love this new addition to our home. She has crept into our hearts and is turning into a really beautiful dog. Hugs.

  5. Angie is LOVELY! I love how fast she has grown, and so happy for you that you get to enjoy her so much! When I was younger, I was convinced that I would love to adopt any kind of dog with any kind of background, but two years with Dennis Mugu has made me realise that some things cannot be undone again, and aggression issues are especially tricky. Dennis does very will with a kind of strick Ceasar Millan regime, but with Sheba, things are entirely different! She is an amazing dog, teaching me things daily, cheering me up when I need so and just enjoying life to the fullest. I find myself finding reasons to live as much of my life outdoors just to be sharing the moment with Sheba. I'm so happy for you Jo, for the joy that Angie is giving you! She really is a beautiful being and I love that "Oh I've got you covered - even in my sleep!" look!

  6. I agree Esther, this is actually the first tim in my life that I've had so much pleasure and joy from a dog. Angie also cheers me up no end and I try to be outside as much as possible just to watch her and Eddy's antics. (As seen in the photos, poor Megan often gets caught in the crossfire) They get taken out in the back of my pickup as often as possible but Angie yelps and yodels when I leave the vehicle in the street and walk into a shop, much to the amusement of all around! Thanks for popping in. Hugs

  7. so beautiful, I love looking back at our dog photos, they make me smile, and a little sad, but just happy to have had them in our lives. she is so pretty and so glad Eddy loved her sister. our Baby girl was part ridegeback, the stubborn part


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