Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Pet Friendly Garden

A glorious tangle of climbing roses and morning glory...
Chip appears from behind the borage and nasturtiums
Clarice exploring the aloe garden

The Three Musketeers enjoy the garden with me

Late yesterday afternoon, as I wandered through my garden, I marvelled that we‘re still enjoying halcyon days . Summer has all but ended in South Africa yet the beauty and serenity at this time of the year, has to be experienced to be believed.
Two of my cats and all three dogs obviously feel the same way as I do. They were out there enjoying this wonderful time with me.


  1. Wonderful garden! Is that Angie who has grown so big? Can't wait for an update on her!! :-D

  2. Yes, Esther, only last week my younger son came here and said, Wow, Angie has grown so big. She is still the dearest dog but becoming more and more protective of me, which is wonderful. Hugs Jo


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