Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Back on Track

The desired Entry Permit, which is primarily in Arabic, allows my husband to enter the Sudan and hopefully set the wheels in motion for my visa

The word is out! All has been revealed. The time has come…

Yes, it’s the beginning of December (not that has anything to do with what I’m about to divulge) and I am back on track.

What is she talking about, you may ask.

Well, some of you may recall that I upped sticks and went to the Sudan in mid-August. My intention was to spend the second half of dh’s three-month stint with him. We were due to come out on a three-week break (Expats talk of breaks and not holidays, vacations or leave period – a break from being in deepest, darkest Africa –ha!)

But I digress: we were due to come out at the END of September on our break but had to leave in MID-September because of red-tape concerning dh’s visa. So out we came on the 12th of September instead and all things being equal we should have returned to the Sudan on the 8th October.

Now, as fellow bloggers who are expats on the African continent will relate, nothing is ever straightforward in this part of the world!

Firstly, the general manager of the company who had to apply for said visa only returned from his break to the US of A ten days later than originally intended. He arrived back in the city of Khartoum on Thursday night, Of course, Friday is Sunday in the Sudan. Saturday is Sunday (or Saturday, whichever you prefer LOL!) in the Sudan and government departments only really get back to work on Sunday again. All very confusing, I know, but that’s just how it is.

The GM eventually managed to apply for dh’s entry permit and it arrived here during in the middle of November. Meanwhile, dh had arranged with the powers that be who own the parent company in the UK for us to travel across South Africa and Namibia on a quest to recruit technicians for the many projects presently in the pipeline back in Khartoum.

As soon as we had the go-ahead, we hopped onto our trusty [iron] steed and were off across the country. We managed to source two contacts and also had a wonderful tour across the Northern Cape, into Namibia, down through Botswana spending our last night in a small town in the North West Province, an area we both had not ever visited before (more about our many bike trips in a separate blog which I hope to launch soon)

We returned home last weekend and immediately set the wheels in motion (or should that be: wings in motion – ha-ha) for dh to return to work. He flew back to the Sudan on Friday. I’m waiting for my visa to be issued so that I can join him.

Meanwhile, my son, dil and the children have gone to visit Debbie's parents and will return here around the 20th of December. I am busily trying to sort out my admin and catching up on blogging (mainly trying to visit blogs again being away for so long)

The other thing (the one I was on about at the beginning of this post) is that I am getting myself "back on track". That means: NO MORE chocolates, desserts, cakes, cookies and other F A T T E N I N G foods. I have not posted any recipes although I have baked and cooked a great deal since being home these past three months.

I am back on track regarding my exercise regime; I started spinning again last night after laying off for almost four months (and boy, could I feel it this morning!) I am also dilligently cooking my diet-friendly lentil stews and vegetables and taking the time to make a crispy salad to enjoy with my dinner.

I'm totally confident that I'll soon be feeling fit and healthy again and ready to undertake another journey to North Africa.


  1. Well at last things are happening re visa. I can't believe you are that unfit after riding all that distance. However, good luck with keeping on track. I am still trying to get back to the fitness that I enjoyed before my operation last May. Now I'm over the op I've developed a back problem. So Im doing exercises to try and fix that, but still not strong enough to return to the gYm.
    BTW I answered your querie re Colin on my blog. Yes he is Mr Mellow Yellow and I've copied here what i wrote about TPNG:Jo: TPNG stands for the Territory of Papua and New Guinea. It was a territoy governed by Australia until 1975 when they were given Independence and it is now known as Papua/New Guinea or P/NG.

  2. Hi Jo, Things seem very complicated in your part of the world!
    Wishing you the best for being back on track, I think I need to get there myself!
    I always enjoy reading of your adventures.
    Sunny :)

  3. Hi Jo,you have so much on hand and so much energy I cannot imagine you being any unfit!Red tape is the bane of everyones life anything that could be simple is made as complicated as can be.I read your commenton my blog post Mousetrapped and I hope to see you in print in the not too distant future!

  4. Thank goodness at least half the visas are in order. You stay so busy it's hard to believe you need much of a diet, but good food is healthy food. Good luck keeping on track. And wish you well on your way to Sudan soon to join your hubby.

  5. Thanks diane;) I remain fairly fit but sometimes get into bad habits (ha!) of not thinking (or is that "caring"?) what goes into my mouth. I trust your back will soon be strong. Thanks for the explanation about TPNG. You have led a very exciting life and know so many other who have too. Thanks for popping in.

    Hi Sunny;) yes,visas and entry permit issues are so eratic in Africa. And we LOVE to go into these countries so have to bear with the problems. I again, am so motivated to take special photos when I see yours on your blog. Thanks for always visiting.

    Hi Peggy;) yes, red-tape - a real pain. AND so costly. Everytime we apply for visas we have to pay exhorbitant amounts these days. No more multiple entry visas for a minimal amount. Anyway, as I said, we need to get into these countries so have to abide by their laws. Thanks for your vote of confidence. I am at the moment trying to enter a writing competition and time is eluding me. If I manage to submit my story, I will surely blog about it and that it LONG before I even hear whether I was considered!

  6. Thanks for popping in and th encouragement, Gaelyn; Getting "back on track", helps me to cope if I have to wait a while for my travel arrangements to the Sudan to be realised! It's also very hot here in

  7. It definitely sounds as if life is never dull in your part of the world. I'm glad things are back on track and I hope you will soon be able to join your husband.
    Thanks for visiting my site.

  8. Thanks George;) I also look forward to joining hubby soon.


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