Thursday, December 3, 2009

Choices, choices!

Continuing with my resolution to resume a healthy lifestyle and eating regime again, every day I make a fresh, crisp salad to enjoy with my dinner.
Greek salad, above, is my alltime favourite. It's tasty, healthy and very satisfying.
Yesterday I attended the local garden club year-end function in a friend's cool and lush garden. We all had to take a gift: something edible. *sigh* Everyone placed their gifts in a basket on the lawn and each member chose a treat. I chose the packet of cookies (pictured right, above) which my sister-in-law had brought.

Last night before dinner, I placed my crisp, fresh Greek salad (telling myself that it is my favourite because it is so tasty and healthy, to boot) next to the festive-looking cookies and...
took a photo!
Then I had to make a choice...
Which one do you think I chose?


  1. You are so disciplined, Jo... I'm sure you chose that salad... As much as I love cookies, I'd choose that salad also....


  2. You probably chose to eat the salad first, then the cookies for dessert? That's what I would do!

  3. Ha Betsy;) I'm trying to be... I know that the cookies won't satisfy me and I've had many cookies and sweet treats over the past three months, I just HAD to place that bag of temptation deep in the back of a cupboard. I'll bring them out when the grandchildren return. I see George has left me a comment. Off to read it now. Thanks for visiting!

    Hi Loran;) uh-oh, as I said above I had to tuck the packet away and hopefully I'll forget about it!

  4. Those biscuits would have been gone in a flash!


  5. Well if it were me, I'd eat the salad and maybe one cookie for dessert. But if I could only choose one, I'd take the yummy salad!
    Sunny :)

  6. Ja, geweet jy sal die regte keuse maak... want as 'n mens besluit het om reg te eet, MOET 'n mens daarby hou - veral ek wat so lief is vir sjokolade! En die kleinkinders gaan so opgewonde wees oor die koekies van die beste ouma in die hele wye wêreld!!!

  7. Hi GG;) I wish I was near you, I'd give you the whole packet! Thanks for popping in.

    Hi Sunny;) I promise you, the salad DID taste better and I avoided getting a headache.

    Hi Ida;) jy is so pragtig en fiks. Ek moet my elke minuut vertel dis nie die moeite werd om die koekies te eet nie, En ja, die kinders gaan hulle geniet. xxx

  8. You have to chose? LOL! By eating a salad for dinner that must mean there's space for a cookie, or
    two. ;-) I'd probably chose the cookies and eat them all. Have an insatiable sweet tooth.

  9. Hi Jo the salad does look fresh and colourful to tempt the tastebuds, but not even one cookie...?

  10. The salad looks great! But then, I really, really love cookies. Maybe the salad then a cookie? Please?

  11. Hard choice but the salad looks great and healthy. Hope you enjoy my migration story.

  12. I really think that life it too short to not enjoy moderation. Eat the salad daily, and the cookes sparingly :-) I'm trying to lose weight, too, so I sympathize greatly with this. Holidays are a terrible time to battle your way through the minefields of carbs and escape without feeling deprived!


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