Sunday, September 5, 2010

Khartoum Hedges menagerie update

Last week I fell asleep on this table and a man came in and cutered me. I thought I was cute enough!

Yesterday I hunted a monster down on the balcony and ate it. My lip swelled up. Gave my humans a fright then they called me botox lips and took photos!

Those budgies are bird brains. My humans put new liners in their cage and because the colour is different they kicked up a fuss. Hanging onto the cage bars - scaredy...birds!

Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth

My humans say I should be thankful (is that something to eat or can I play with it?) There are cats who live in the streets who have to sleep on the roof and scrounge a meal from the people below. I can't help it that I don't like the new chunky meat they feed me now!  (they think this guy above is my brother)

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The Arabic for bird cage is Qfş aţ-Ţywr (pronounced gifiss a tayer)


  1. What a little beauty you became !
    the white cat looks like my Arthur !

  2. Delightful, interesting series of photos! Love the pose and reflection on the table!

  3. Oh, finalmente qualcuno che può capirmi !!
    Anche tu non stai dormendo, vero ?

  4. Love your pictures of the cats. ;o)

  5. Don't mean to laugh but you do look odd and cute with those botox lips. Glad those lips are okay now!

  6. Hey, how about those Botox lips!!! Looks pretty kissable to us -- well, not that Sam and I are into kissing, but you are looking good! Do you ever "play" with the budgies? Hee hee!

    Sam and Mojo

  7. I love "cutered" vs Neutered. (poor shadow!)
    Funny pics of the "botoxed" upper lip.
    Stay away from those birdbrains, Shadow.

  8. Very cute photos, you've got quite the collection of creatures!

  9. Funny about the birds being so picky about their floor. I wouldn't think they would care.

    Visiting from Pet Pride.

  10. I really laughed out loud at the "botox lips"! Shadow is a cool customer, and funny, too.

    I love that you can read animals' minds, Jo!

  11. Oh his poor botox lip. He's beautiful.

  12. Oh my! You are just soooo cute. What kind of monster did you eat to make your lip swell? Hope it's better.
    You are one very lucky cat to be loved so much :)
    ☼ Sunny

  13. What a cute cat your are! I think you look funny with your botox lips.

    Don't you make fun of the budgies! they are so very pretty =]

    Photos of a Feather Brain

    Photos of all Fids - Come and join the fun!

  14. Too cute! And such a cat character!!


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