Monday, September 20, 2010

Wild Birds on the Feeder and a Travelling Cat

Gattina from Writers Cramps started a meme called "What did you do this weekend?" As she says, you never know when you need an alibi!

This weekend, (which is Friday and Saturday in the Sudan) I, once again,  photographed the birds on the bird feeder. I was surprised at how many Cut-Throat Finches visit our feeder now. They are seed-eaters so they ignore the fruit and enjoy the birdseed which Grant puts out for them

I always marvel at how the doves are everywhere. They never miss an opportunity, do they. Here the finches have to compete with Miz Dovey for the seed

The common bulbul whose call sounds like  "Frederick" here in the Sudan, enjoys the fruit I put out for them. Their all-time favourite is banana, with grapes as their second choice. Here Frederick tucks into the sliced orange on the menu today

We've started taking Shadow, the cat out for rides in the Landcruiser. He is an amazing cat. He doesn't complain about being in a car (like all our cats at home do!) and he is interested in everything going on outside the vehicle. Above he gets his first view of the Nile River, although he was more interested in the vehicles passing at the T-junction ahead
Shadow cannot get enough of all the sights that we pass as we drive through the streets

Shadow decides to get a better view of the trip
Oi Pops,  do you know where you are going?

We also spent the day in the desert again this weekend (more on this tomorrow). On the way we stopped at the Sudanese gentleman who makes sesame seed oil, which I posted about on Saturday. After a hearty greeting and handshakes all around, we gave him his photos. He and his son were thrilled.

I also caught Shadow on camera while playing Peek - a - boo with him behind the pillows on the settee. (You can see that I'm seriously missing my grandchildren ! ) Shadow dives in behind the cushions and when you walk past he hurtles out and takes a swipe at you with his paw. Brat-cat!

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The Arabic word for weekend is Nhāyh al-ʼSbwʻ  (n-hi-y a Esbowa) Esbowa is week and N-hi-y is end


  1. Very good that Shadow travels well. Love that last shot in the pillows.

    Do you drive on the left or right side of the road there?

  2. I think most cats and some dogs only think about the trip to the Vet --when they are in the car... And they of course don't like that. By taking them out just for rides, that will help make them learn to enjoy it--which obviously Shadow does.

    Cute pictures --both of Shadow and of the birds.....


  3. You have different poınt of wiew,have anice job,regards.

  4. These little birds look like the two once my friend has in a cage only that they have a red snable.
    Shadow apparently belongs to the cats who behave like dogs ! My very first cat drove with me through whole Italy, went shopping with me and when I was invited she always came with me. She also loved the car rides. I have never had another cat like her !

  5. Greeting to you too, Jo. I would swap Mr Price for your adventures any day! What a gorgeous cat - even though he swipes. I think most real cats do! He must be closely related to the original cats of Egypt.

  6. This reminds me a my departed cat. She love going place with us and we had a lot of fun with her.
    At Home with Auntie E

  7. Die rooi streep onder die kele van die voëls lyk omtrent soos 'n "cut-throat"!

    Shadow is bevoorreg om die hele wêreld te sien - hy lyk soos 'n kroonprins tussen die pragtige materiaal van die kussings!!

  8. Those are beautiful finches. Shadow is such a cutie. Great photos as always Jo.

    Have a nice day.

  9. What a sweet face Shadow has. He really looks very alert and taking everything in.
    I once took one of my cats for a ride without a carrier, that was quite an adventure!!
    Your header picture is wonderful, the camels look like they are smiling.
    ☼ Sunny

  10. I love the shots of Shadow. He looks very alert and intelligent, and with a sweet temperament as well! I don't think I've heard of a cat who like riding in a car before. He's a very special kitty!


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