Monday, September 6, 2010

What I did this weekend

Last week I wrote about our photo and travel permits here. On Friday (which is the start of the weekend in Sudan) I asked my dearest to take me to one of the [many] bridges on the Nile before sunrise to take photos. When we stopped at a bridge about four kilometers from our flat, I got out and spoke to the three policeman guarding the bridge. (This is normal in Khartoum - every bridge has three or four policeman sitting - mostly sleeping - on the back of a police vehicle which has a RN mounted on the roof) I explained that I would like to take the sun rising over the Nile and that I'd like to do it from the bridge. You are not allowed to take photos of the bridge itself. When I'd explained that I'd not be taking photos of the bridge, only the beautiful sunrise - did they see how beautiful it is ? - they said it was fine. So I have my first photos of the Nile River from one of the bridges. I photographed yesterday's "fishermen at sunrise" from the banks of the river. I had a WONDERFUL time - legally!

The Nile River just before the sun made its appearance. I was standing on the bridge with vehicles thundering past and had the most glorious ten minutes of taking photos

The black hawks were circling above me and I managed to capture this one on camera

An African Pied Wagtail on an acacia branch overhanging the river. His beautiful morning song alerted me to his whereabouts and I managed to get a few photos of him

The pied wagtail in full cry.

In the middle of the Nile River, is Tuti island which we haven't visited yet. I will also post about this island in a later post

I got a real bargain at this vegetable souq on the Nile. Tomatoes have been very expensive lately (14SDG/US$6) per kilo. He offered me a kilo for ten pounds. I'd just paid 8 pounds at a souq in the city, so I refused. Then because he always sees us come out of our street (he's at the T-junction) he said I was his friend and I could have two kilos for ten pounds. I took this photo which we'll have printed and give to him on the way past sometime next week.  I have a glut of tomatoes in the fridge. Grant and I both love them so we'r eating them every which way they can be eaten!

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The Arabic for river is Nhr (pronouned Nurr)


  1. All of those pics are wonderful sister Jo! Thank you for sharing and makes me feel as if I had been there myself. And those fresh veggies! Hmmm...That will make someone who loves to cook imagine lots of recipes using those fresh veg. Take care and God bless.

  2. Hi Jo, The sunrise pictures showing the Nile River are wonderful. And your birdie pictures are great too...

    Lovely veggies.... Sounds like you have a friend!!!!

  3. Oh Jo, this is so exciting. Being out in the morning and capturing the beauty of your surroundings. Great deal on the tomatoes.

  4. Beautiful ! In fact it looks exactly like in Egypt and also the police is "sleeping around" everywhere, lol ! Sometimes they even ask for "bakshish" !
    The time too is the same in Egypt. I have read a little about the Sudan and indeed the Egyptians have been there long time ago, apparently it was all in one.

  5. I bet it was only you and the police on the bridge that time of the morning!

    The veggies look so fresh - are the people selling them in the sun the whole day, or do they move their stands to the shade?

    (What we did this weekend: We went to Bloem to watch the rugby-test between the Springboks and Australia. We enjoyed it very much, except for the last 30 sec., when the Aussies kicked the winning points!)

  6. What beautiful photos - but why on earth are you not allowed to take pictures of bridges? I lead a very sheltered life, I think!

    I have friends who lived in South Africa for 14 years and I just love to hear their tales of their time there.

    I must say - that vegetable cart looks YUMMY! (well... not the cart... but the food!)

  7. Beautiful photos especially the sunrise.

    The vegetables look so fresh and yes, you got a good bargain of the tomatoes. Tomatoes here are quite expensive too and I bought only 3 big pieces for the week.

    Thank you for the visit. Hope you have a lovely week.


  8. The vegetable souq looks so attractive, esp the tomatoes.

  9. The Nile River is so beautiful!
    The vegetables look wonderful, too. How nice of the man to give you a deal on the tomatoes because you are his friend!


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