Friday, September 30, 2011

Biking to the Flowers of Namaqualand, South Africa Part III

Continuing our trip to the Cape earlier this month, we descended from Van Ryn's pass (read about this here ) drove through picturesque Vanrynsdorp and onto the N7. The weather had turned from beautifully sunny earlier that day in the Karoo, to overcast and freezing cold by the time we arrived in the West. Grant stopped at an Engen One Stop and took my Drizabone out and helped me into it. He doesnt seem to feel  the cold like I do, but we both always pack these wonderful items of protective gear from Australia into the tank bag.  

Soon we were  riding through the West Coast Cape and into Clanwilliam.
Clanwilliam on a cold spring afternoon!

We stayed with friends, Catherine and Hilton and spent hours catching up on news. Mostly about grandchildren!  Catherine also had my new camera which she'd kindly bought at Makro in Cape Town.

Early on Friday morning we woke to a crisp, clear day. The vapour trail shows how cold the air was above Clanwilliam that morning

More about our trip later today.

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  1. Beautiful, Jo.. You all really had a nice trip, didn't you? It was nice to catch up with friends, wasn't it?

    Great photos.

  2. Love the blue hole in the clouds in the first shot with God looking down and illuminating the hills. Just beautiful!
    What is this new camera you have???

  3. I like the way your 1st sky foto blends in with the hills. How's the weather now in S.Africa?

  4. You know I just love France and I am more than happy here, but Africa is well and truly embedded in the blood stream! Your photos always bring back amazing memories. Take care Diane

  5. The skies are so interesting. Sometimes I take a photo and discover the beautiful skies afterward when they steal the scene.

  6. I love the first photo, Jo. The distant mountains are gorgeous.


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