Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Home in SA Sept 2011

Marquard grandson, Joel, posing for Gran's photo

Are you sure you have me in focus, Gran?

Our four SA cats being spoilt with extra kibbles because "mum's" home. From left, 16 year-old Tigger, eight-year-old brothers, Puff and Felix and only remaining female, 12 year-old Chip

On Monday morning we took the dogs for a walk on the golf course near our home. They were beside themselves with excitement. They hadn't had this treat since May!

Entering the golf course - Eddy and Megan run free and were across the fairway by the time Grant opened the gate

Angie off leash and ready to take on the world!

A quick dip in the dam for all three

Thanks everyone for your kind comments and visits. By the time this post is aired, we'll be on our way to the Cape on our motorbike. Tonight we're staying in a B&B in Victoria West,  a mere 650kms down the road. The next day we're off to Clanwilliam and will stay with friends in their holiday home. Together we're going to tour the back roads of the Western Cape and see the flowers which are spectacular at this time of the year. You can read more about this here.

We'll be back home on Thursday 15 September.

Until then, bless you all!


  1. Beautiful baby Joel! What a lovely little boy. Looks like his mummy and daddy! love and hugs - Rose xox

  2. I have just looked back to see what I'd missed, Jo! I have been so busy that I hadn't spotted this post! The last time I had heard from you, you had just arrived home. Still cannot believe the time has come and gone so quickly, but so glad to know you had a great bike trip to see the floral beauty that is our proudly SA heritage!


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