Sunday, September 4, 2011

Goodbye Sweet Kitties

Ginger still denies any paternal ties with Ambrose, but I beg to differ. Take a look at the photo below:

As Ambrose (front) grows up, he looks more and more like Ginger (rear of photo)!

Shadow on Grant's chair at the dining table. This is his favourite spot

Ginger also loves sleeping on the dining chair "under" the table cloth, but alternates between the guest room bed, our double bed and the sofa in the lounge

Ambrose has also learnt to sleep on the dining chairs under the table cloth and in between he likes to lie behind me on my office chair!

While we're away, Johan will have the key to the house. He'll come in evenings and over the weekend to check on the cats and give them a tidbit. During the week Naomi and Stanley will be at work and take care of the three cats. Borries next door will also keep an eye on the house and animals.

Today we're in Johannesburg and waiting for our domestic flight to Bloemfontein. Then it's 160km by car to our home in Marquard.


  1. You're right, Jo, Ambrose looks a lot like Ginger, but I don't think you'll find any tomcat admitting responsibility for kittens. LOL
    I hope you have a wonderful visit home, and I'm sure the cats will be happy to be in the house in the valley. I just hope Shadow doesn't go outside looking for you. He's such a mama's boy!
    Will you be seeing Phillip while you're in South Africa? If you happen to be at his house any time, you can sneak a peek at Dad's books. The "Little Campbell River" story in the first book is my favourite.
    Luv — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Thinking you may be Home by now. How long will you stay away from the Kenya Kitties?

    Hello to John, Debz and kids. Haven't seen them online lately.

  3. Welcome home, Jo! Bet your SA pets will shower you with an enthusiastic greeting! Enjoy your visit home and have fun in your beautiful garden.

  4. Jo, your kitties are so sweet and yes, look like twins! I love the new photos at the top of your blog, especially the sunset and the that an iris? I can't tell. Have a safe trip home!

  5. You are so right, they look almost like twins! Guess you are home by now. Enjoy the break and please give my love to south Africa :-) Diane

  6. Great photos of your beautiful cats. You have a lot of people to look after them for you while you are gone. I'm sure your cats and other pets in SA have missed you so much. I'm glad to hear you have arrived safely to your 1st home (Kenya being your 2nd home).

    I forgot to mention on your last post that the Mbwa mbili is a handsome lad and Mvwa moja looks so sweet and even tempered.

  7. You are blessed to have such good caretakers of you house and cats, Jo! I notice the color of the cats' fur goes perfectly with your tan furniture and floor. Your kitties enhance the decor of your house! I'm sure you will miss them. (((hugs)))

  8. They , who rule the roost, will miss you.

  9. Sorry I haven't visited in awhile ( 2 hurricanes and 1 tropical storm). These kitties looks so happy. I, too, see a "family" resemblance!


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