Saturday, July 19, 2014

It's critter party time again!

When I thought about this week's post on Eileen's super meme, I wondered what I'd have to share. It's mid-winter in Northern Tanzania; the area is B R O W N and very dusty. However, as can be seen on my mid-week bird post which you can see here, if you wish, Grant and I managed to spot many birds even under these strenuous conditions. 

Going through my photos of the past week, I found several critters (and of course, birds) to join Eileen's party today. 
 A pair of Dik-dik seen in the torch light on our night drive last week

One evening we spotted a bird running off the road into the bush. I only managed to get one photo and sent it off to Jez in Dar for identification. He and the other Dar birding fraternity were very excited about our sighting: 

Hildebrandt's Spurfowl. This bird is endemic to East Africa and only seen sparingly so this was a good sighting! 

During the late summer we saw many bishops, the males, glorious in full breeding plumage with several dowdy, but well-marked females in attendance. At sunset one evening last week,  Grant stopped at a small bush near the road,  where several birds were settling in for the night. 
Fire-crowned Bishop, (second top from right) in eclipse plumage with his wives - a far cry from the bright red bird in summer!

While celebrating the General Manager's birthday at the club a few weeks ago, I spotted a raptor fly down onto the grass. I walked over and took several photos. 

African Harrier-Hawk 

Grant and I had business in Mwanza this week. We stopped off for lunch at the Malaika Hotel which is on Lake Victoria. As always, I have my camera to take photos.  As always, we look for birds and I photograph them!
Long-tailed Cormorant sitting on a rock in Lake Victoria

And as always, I find cats wherever we go. And photograph them! There are many cats at the hotel but we only saw one last week: a battle-scarred old Tomcat. 
A Tomcat at the Malaika hotel, Mwanza

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  1. All lovely photos. The Dik Dik remind me of our deer. That poor old tom could surely use some loving. Deb

  2. Great critters. Lunch by Lake exotic.

  3. Great captures for the day and lots of critters!! Hope you have a lovely weekend, Jo!! Enjoy!

  4. that harrier-hawk is impressive!

  5. HI You always find such wonted the derful critters when you are out with Grant. I love the Dik Dik and that was very special when you spotted the Hildebrandt's Spurfowl. Have a great weekend.

  6. Hi JO, I just love the cute Dik-dik. The Spurfowl looks like an awesome find.. It looks a little like the Grouse we see here in the states.. The Bishops look like sweet birds. And the Harrier Hawk is a cool sighting.. A wonderful variety. Thank you for sharing your post with my critter party.. Have a happy weekend!

  7. Hi
    I feel like I am in Tanzania! All that dried up grass. Here it is very green and has never stopped growing this year. Greeting from the East of England. Rachel (I saw you on Cro's blog so came to see you!)

  8. so many critters and birds and i love that beat up old cat.. the spurfowl is really different

  9. Interesting critters all of them. I love the hawk.

  10. That's a lot of interesting critters!

  11. A fascinating series of characters. The spurfowl reminds me of a partridge in some ways. An interesting one.

  12. Gorgeous fotos critters.
    Very nice work from your husband.
    Greeting from Belgium,Tomorrow it is National Day in Belgium


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