Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday Critter party with Eileen

As the bush and environs becomes drier and drier, it's a challenge to spot birds and animals with ease. To change the pace and situation a little, we started going out after dark this week. Although we didn't see many things, we did see our "night birds" and as always the little dik-dik. 
 Spotted Thick-knee freezes in our night-light while I take photos

Along the haul road, the headlights picked up a movement in front of the vehicle. Grant stopped and I took several photos of this striking little bird (below) which is visible during the day and at night. 

 Three-banded Plover
At first glance this Dik-dik looked like a rabbit. It was still so small and is obviously a very young dik-dik out on its own for the first time

Over the weekend we still went out an hour on Saturday and another on Sunday morning. We were thrilled to see the Bateleur pair perched on a tree way above us on top of a mine dump.
Bateleur (Female) stretches her wings
Bateleur (male) and female look as though they're having a serious conversation
I just loved the woolly-headed glare the male Bateleur seemed to aim at me as I focused on him and his mate
A Black-headed Heron in a typical heron stance (one leg tucked up and head hunched into shoulders)
Although this bird is audible in my garden from before dawn until after sunset, it's not often that we see it close to the road in the bush. The Spotted Palm thrush is endemic to North East Africa. Its song is powerful with a varied medley of whistled phrases incorporating mimicry as well as a low PEE-u-piri-peeu which is given throughout the day 
d'Arnaud's Barbet provides the perfect photo op when all other birds are scarce! 
As we approached the boom gate near our home, we spotted a Lilac-breasted Roller dive down onto the ground and return to the wire above. It had an insect in its bill which... fed to a bird sitting on the wire nearby

So winter or no, I still have a selection of critters to bring to Eileen's Saturday Critter party which you can visit by clicking here


  1. my goodness! one awesome sighting after another - and every one exotic to me! the bateleur pair are fantastic! the black-headed heron is one i've not seen posted before, and the barbet is so cool! really neat set!

  2. You sure have a great collection of critters. The Bateleur is different.

  3. You are still seeing a lot of birds. That pair of Bateleurs are fabulous. And I always love to see the Rollers.

  4. Amazing collection of phots !

  5. HI Jo What a fantastic collection of both seen both day and night. Love the shots of the Thick knee. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Such a nice variety of sightings, Jo! The Lilac-breasted Roller certainly is a colourful bird!

  7. JO, these are fantastic shots and critters.. I love all the birds, especially the pair of Bateleurs and the Lilac-breasted Roller. Thank you for linking up to my critter party.. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Wow! What a bird sanctuary ~ gorgeous photos and love the Dik-dik? (spelling) ~ Great post for SC ~ thanks, ^_^

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  9. Wow! I am really loving these African birds and animals. The little dik-dik was a wonderful critter to come across! And the birds are amazing. I love your photos of them and that Lilac breasted roller was so different and interesting! Wonderful post!

  10. Oh my! Incredible birds like Bateleur, d'Arnaud's Barbet and Lilac-breasted Roller are like something out of a dream. I'd jump out of my skin to see them in the flesh or feather. Marvellous!

  11. Great shots of these beautiful and exotic critters! The Barbet is one cool-looking bird.

  12. Excellent series of images!

  13. The birds ...and critters ... I see here are so exotic to me it is hard to believe they are real! And that they are part of your normal life. This is what is so great about blogging ... And memes! What a wonderful world!


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