Sunday, July 20, 2014

It's my party...

 ...and I'll sleep if I want to!

Hi Bozo, Lindy and all mum's blog readers out there. This is Ambrose and I heard it was my birthday. What's a birthday, Unca Shadow?

Oh, he says, he's never tasted one so he doesn't know! (He also muttered that he doesn't care!)

I think it's something to do when I was taken to mum's house in another place F A R away. I was a very small, hungry and scared kitty. I remember growling as an Askari carried me to mum's house. He asked mum (who wasn't my mum yet, remember!) if this was her cat. And she said no, her ginger cat is lying in the lounge. 

I must admit, even though I was very afraid, I held my little kitty breath and wondered what would happen to me now. Would I go back to living in the bush and being cold and hungry?


Although I didn't know it, I 'd been taken to the right place. 

Mum thanked the Askari, took me from him and carried me inside her house. (I didn't know what a "house" was then.) She carried me to a bedroom, placed me on a bed, and left closing the door. 

A little while and she returned, and calling softly to me, she put a a bowl of runny white stuff  in front of me;  I sniffed it first and then lapped it up. It was yummy!  Mum left the room again and when she came back, she had a very big plastic bowl with grassy stuff in it. She placed me inside and after I'd sniffed the grass, I pulled one paw through it and suddenly I knew what this was for! 

Mum had gone out again and this time when she came back, she placed a bowl of yummy-smelling stuff in front of me; I sniffed it, licked and then ate all the minced beef as well.

Now mum lifted me, and put me on the bed with some fluffy things near me. She said something to me which, although I didn't yet understand yoomen talk, made me feel safe and warm. (Now I know the fluffy things were kitty toys, but then I just cuddled up to them and fell asleep!)

Next morning when mum came into the room, I was already scratching inside the box of grass. She cooed at me and said she was going to get me feeling really good. She lifted me and carried me out of the room into another place. This time she put me in a white bowl full of... 

W A T E R!!! 



All the while mum talked softly to me while she put slippery stuff on my coat and dunked me under the water. I just clung to her hands like a drowned rat - er - cat!  Then she wrapped me in a large cloth and carried me back to the room which was nice and sunny by now. She placed me on the floor in front of the window,  and, although I didn't know it at the time, she took a photo of me! I decided to licked coat. Mum cheered and said I was a good kitty! 
I, Ambrose, the first day in Mum's house after she bathed me! 

 Mum said it was a good sign when I licked myself, as this meant I was interested in living! 
I, Ambrose,  the first day in my new mum's house

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So how come it's my birthday now? Well, mum decided that the day I came into her life, was my birthday. 

Oh, and mum says that when some of her long-standing blog readers see this post, they might remember the time I became a Hedges kitty. 

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  1. happy birthday Ambrose; maybe sardines for breakfast today? You're beautiful!!

  2. so very sweet! and lucky to land near your place!

  3. Yes, very sweet. Happy Birthday Ambrose. xx

  4. A few months ago I was typing on my laptop (just as I'm doing now), and a small ginger Tabby jumped up onto my lap. He/she belonged to some nearby children, so I returned it later. Your Tabby reminds me of that very pleasant occasion.

  5. Cute post! Happy Birthday, Ambrose!

  6. "Happy Birthday darling Ambrose." So, I see you were one of the 'lucky ones'. So happy you found your forever, loving home. Hugs.

  7. thanks for a great morning laugh.. i did laugh loudly when i got to the drown rat photos.. you look so pitiful and sweet and adorable and funny... i must say you look much better dry.. you are blessed to be found and kept and loved...

  8. Dear Ambrose,

    You are one very lucky kitty! Partly that's because you are a GOOD kitty so keep up the GOOD work. ;)

  9. Happy Birthday Ambrose!!

    Woofs and licks!!


  10. Happy Birthday Ambrose!!

    Woofs and licks!!


  11. Yes, Happy Re-birth into a loving home" Ambrose!


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