Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Another Hedges moves to Marquard

During the last ten days of our leave, Rina and I furnished and decorated, Pam, my mother-in-law's flat. We decided to move her into available accommodation at the retirement village in Marquard. This is in the interim while the builders build the unit Grant has bought for her. 

It took all our energy, enthusiasm and resources to have it ready by the time Grant's brother, Chilly and our sister-in-law, Shelley brought her to Marquard last Sunday.
The open plan flat has a lounge off the kitchen
Rina, the handy-woman, hung the clock and pictures which added a welcome feel. The television is being installed as we speak
Just to the left of the stove (which we disconnected as MIL has three meals a day delivered to her flat) is a brand new stove which Grant bought for her
 We hung new curtains and net and covered two round tables with new clothes and throws while the bedding was cracklingly new as well
The bathroom (ride-in shower only) is en-suite; a good step up from MIL's previous situation in Durban where she shared an antiquated (bath only) bathroom and toilet with all the other oldies on her floor
Chilly, Shelley, Angus, Amanda and Grant with Abby and Joel the evening after we'd installed Pam in her new flat

On Wednesday John, Debbie and children arrived at our home for a visit. Angus and Amanda live next door to us now so I fetched Abby and Joel and we all drove down to the Old Age Home to say hello to Pam. It was quite a task keeping eight excited little ones quiet as we trundled down the passage to Bammie (as the grandchildren and great-grandchildren call Pam)

After all the greetings and my-you-have-grown exclamations from Bammie,  I managed to sit Pam down in a chair and arranged the children around her.
Debbie helps to settle the eight children around their great-grandmother. Eryn is proudly holding the newest baby, Keren who was three months that day!
I just love the way Elijah (John and Debbie's fourth child) is leaning over and talking to his cousin, Abby (Amanda and Angus' little girl)
Finally I joined the group while Rina took the photos
 Rina joined the group, Debbie took the camera and told everyone to make a funny face!
John with his Bammie

Later we all clattered down the passage to Pienkie who was my neighbor for fourteen years before moving to the Old Age Home. Eryn and Joshua loved Pienkie and when visiting me, they'd often walk over to Pienkie's house, ring her door bell and when she opened it, they'd offer her a flower which they'd picked in her garden!
Joshua and Eryn with my dear friend, and ex-neighbor, Pienkie

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  1. Lovely post! It's great to see and read that Bammie has been settled. You and Rina have done a wonderful job and I'm sure that she will be very happy there with family all around. Hugs. xx

  2. Nice to have so much of the family close together, especially for Bammie's sake. Not easy to get all those kids settled for photos.

  3. lots of smiley and happy faces - good to see!

  4. JO, it is nice to see the whole family together.. The grandchildren are all so cute. You did a wonderful job decorating the flat.. Wonderful photos, enjoy your week!

  5. Nothing better than a happy family ... together!!
    Such bright, wonderful, smiles!!!

  6. Lovely post indeed and wonderful smiles and happy faces!! Thanks for sharing! A great way to start my day!!

  7. Oh what wonderful photos. I love seeing your fantastic family... AND---I'm sure your mother-in-law will LOVE her new home...



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