Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Family Wedding in South Africa

I'm going to have to do two posts for Our World Tuesday today! First is our niece's wedding which was held in a forest on  the bridegroom's parents sugar cane farm on the East Coast of South Africa.  Although it was a morning wedding, and the dress was smart casual, I never pass up the opportunity dress up! I love to wear heels but as I couldn't this time, due to the uneven ground we'd be on at the wedding, I opted for my silver and black Aerosoft slip-ons with a slight wedge.  
 Grant and I on our way to our niece's forest wedding

The wedding venue was very quaint and quite unique. While waiting for the bride to arrive at the "church",  the guests sat on white deck chairs or logs in a clearing between the trees.
 The open-air "church" into which Grant's brother piped the bride 
 The tables were set for the reception under large white marquees
 Wandering around before the wedding ceremony, I managed to get several photos

When the time came, father of the bride, Chilly (Grant's brother) piped the bride and her entourage in down the grassy aisle. My sister-in-law, Shelley (who always helps me with bird identification) walked in with her younger daughter, Kerry, the bride on her arm. Behind them was their older daughter, Louise who had her year-old son, Jamie by the hand. Three more bridesmaids, friends of the bride,  followed. Padding in between the wedding procession was Kerry's borzoi as well as Louise little dog, Holly who is of mixed breed.

The young couple, Kerry and Jem saying their vows

Grant's brother, Chilly piping the wedding procession up the aisle
My sister-in-law, Shelley, with daughter, Louise and little Jamie in the background 
The newly- weds were showered with fragrant white rose petals as they walked up the aisle
Kerry greets the guests with her Boizoi by her side
Shelley baked the three-tier cake and Kerry decorated it. The cane - cutting knife which the couple is using here, was used by Jem's parents on their wedding many years ago. More recently Jem's two sisters used the same knife to cut their cakes on their respective weddings
Kerry has her own business catering for functions and parties with bespoke baking. She baked all the cakes on this table with the help of her assistant, Princess (pictured above) 
 There was a delicious selection of cheeses, pates, pickles, breads and biscuits
Lunch, which was served at 2.30, was buffet style and as a vegetarian I found plenty to satisfy me. Grant opted for the herb-crusted roast pork and apple sauce with vegetables
At one stage Kerry couldn't get up as her Boizoi was lying on her train

As always happens at weddings, everyone tries to catch up with friends and relatives. Shelley was very busy chatting to friends from New Zealand but Grant and I managed a few minutes to talk to Chilly. The official wedding photographer asked us to pose for  her after which I handed her my camera for the photo below.

Moi with the Hedges men

Although the wedding party went on until late that night, Grant and I wanted to get back to Rina, whom we'd left at our friends' guest house. We caught Shelley's attention, and with Chilly and the beautiful bride, this time the wedding photographer snapped the Senior Hedges family. 
Chilly, Shelley, Kerry, Jo and Grant 

May the young couple, Kerry and Jem, live happily ever after! 

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  1. a unique, utterly charming, rustic wedding! love it! and a most beautiful bride she is!

  2. A lovely post for the day, Jo! And what a beautiful bride, handsome groom and a beautiful wedding!! Thanks for sharing the fun and the beauty!! Have a great week!

  3. It looks like a lovely wedding. I like rustic, elegant weddings too so would have felt right at home.

    I love that your BIL piped in the wedding party. That is very special for everyone involved. Hugs. xx

  4. Jo, that looks like a wonderfully relaxed wedding. So nice to see the four legged friends were also included and what better venue than a forest.?

  5. That's the kind of wedding I like, easy going and informal. Love the piping. You look as beautiful as the bride.

  6. Calling by from Our World Tuesday, what a lovely wedding.

  7. JO, what a very nice wedding. The bride and groom are a lovely couple.. And I love their dog! Lovely photos, thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day!

  8. Nice post! It is most beautiful location that I have seen for wedding arrangements. I am also looking most terrific San Diego Wedding venues for celebrating my wedding reception. Please give your recommendations.


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