Monday, August 25, 2014

Back in Mwadui

Although we left home in Marquard on Friday morning early, we only arrived here in Mwadui on Sunday. A direct flight always takes us to Dar Es Salaam the same evening of our departure from SA and we sleep over in a lovely hotel that night. Then we take the early domestic flight to Mwanza where we're met by our driver, William who drives us the 160kms to site. 

This time, however, we slept over in the Seacliff as normal on Friday night but our internal flight was delayed until 3pm on Saturday. It's not practical or safe to drive home in the dark, so once again we slept over at the Malaika Hotel on the shores of Lake Victoria. 

Not people to waste good opportunities, Grant and I enjoyed (as we did going out at the end of July) the sunset over the lake, a delicious and authentic Indian meal in the restaurant above and a restful night on the larger-than-normal kingsize bed that seems to be the norm in African hotels! 
 The Malaika Hotel with waves of Lake Victoria lapping at its feet. This building houses the restaurant and conference center

 The rooms are built into the huge rocks which are so characteristic of Mwanza. The gardens are beautifully kept water features surrounded by palms
Life's tough in Africa!
Isn't it obvious just HOW tough?

I have lots and lots to post about and lots and lots of blogs to visit. Please bear with me and I'll get to everyone.

Here's wishing you all a wonderful week up ahead. 



  1. it's beautiful. the first building you showed reminded me of our 9-sided house. :)

  2. It's a beautiful setting at the waterfront. Good thing they have the glass enclosure as I'm assuming there are also lots of mozzies enjoying the feast ;-) Glad you are back at your 2nd home. x

  3. would have loved to join you there ! Meanwhile I am purring like a cat in the sunshine of the French Riviera.

  4. i like that second photo of the hotel, and the rest of them are just awesome, so much beauty...

  5. Oh you poor thing having to spend an extra day in such a place, however did you survive it?

  6. JO, what a lovely hotel. The views of the sunset are lovely.. I can just imagine how hard it was for you to stay there and maybe even enjoy being pampered.. have a happy new week!

  7. I could handle that 'rough African life.' Welcome home. Looking forward to your stories and photos.


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