Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Common Fiscal - a pair

Although I've posted about the Common Fiscal before (it sits still for ever-so-long and makes for good photography), last week I managed to get these beautiful images of a Common Fiscal pair AND their nest. 

Common Fiscal male

As I photographed this obliging and beautiful bird, I noticed another on the fence beyond. I zoomed in...
Common Fiscal female (she is duller and has chestnut brown flanks)

When I took the photo below, I imagined she was bellowing at her mate to stop posing for a silly human with a camera and check up on the nursery! 
Get on with building the baby's room! 

Later that morning Eryn called me to come and see a bird's nest. She cautioned me not to let her little brothers and sister (Elijah, Israel and Kerren) know what we were up to!

When we got inside the little natural forest of shrubs that Debbie had planted especially to encourage birds and wildlife, Eryn pointed to the nest.
There it was: a bulky nest concealed in a low tree

 I stood tiptoe, held the camera over the nest and snapped. 

One egg in a cup-like nest 

When we returned over the weekend, Eryn told me that there were now FOUR eggs in the nest. Grant, Eryn and I entered the nest surreptitiously. Grant, who could see into the nest, took photos for me:
Four speckled eggs in the nest

I googled the nest and eggs and had our identification of Common Fiscal as the parents, confirmed. 

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  1. Beautiful birds! Great photos!

  2. well they are way to beautiful to be called COMMON anything. I love their black and white outfits.. precious little birds and wow on the nest and eggs...

  3. Hello Jo, they are pretty birds. It is neat finding the nest and seeing the eggs. Great photos. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  4. how great that they let you get photos of them... and, soon you will have babies to photograph too.... alright!

  5. A lovely bird to photograph and great that you found the best with eggs.Now it is a waiting game


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