Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Local photographer

On Friday at 10.25am the receptionist at the retirement centre phoned me. It was Anna, a resident's, 90th birthday party and would I come and take photos. At first, I said it was too short notice and she said she'd take photos on her phone and would I submit them to the newspaper. Once I'd put the phone down, I thought better I take the photos and then I know I have them in time. 

So I grabbed the camera and went down there. 

I arrived in the hall while a niece, Izelma was paying a tribute to her aunt. I was a bit peeved as it looked as though I, the photographer was late  and that I never am. Nevertheless, I crept around taking spontaneous photos while Izelma spoke.

Once the formalities were over and people made their way to the laden eats table, I greeted dozens of residents as well as visitors from town. My MIL was also there - she's never had it so good since moving in there two years ago today.

I then wished the birthday "girl" and took several photos of her. A couple of younger  (70-somethings) ladies approached me and asked if I'd photograph them with Anna. With one such request, I realized there was something wrong with my camera. I kept getting light spots on the image showing on my screen. 
A friend poses with Anna, the 90 year-old birthday girl. 
I noticed light spots on the screen - you can clearly see them here
 I eventually used the flash on the auto function which slighly improved the image

Back home I took several random photos to see if I could work out the problem. When I saw the streaks on the photo below, I turned the camera towards me and checked the lens. It was smeared with something - not sure what! But this made me realize that I should speak to people arranging special functions ask me timeously to take photos for the newspaper. In a small town like Marquard, you know everything going on - when there's a 40th birthday bash; when there's a child's church christening or like above when there's a major birthday reached. But the organizers and family need to ask me to attend personally - so that I can be comfortable performing this labour of love (no payment!) 
The state of my camera lens when I took the all-important photos for the newspaper last week! 

Tomorrow I will choose a photo of Anna and write a little story and send it to the paper. It appears in Friday's edition!

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  1. you do a great job, i wonder if that could be cat licks on the lens... glad you got there and got some you can use. the lightspots can be removed in Photoshop and maybe in picmonkey.

  2. Ooh Jo, I hope you can get that camera cleaned. I'm sorry about how things worked out for Anna's birthday photo shoot but I think you managed to salvage something. Good on you!

  3. it is good of you to do this for people.

  4. Hello JO, I think you are very nice to go on such short notice. But, I am sure you enjoy taking photos and writing stories for the newspaper! Sandra above has a great idea to use photoshop or picmonkey to remove the spots. Enjoy your day!

  5. Great job--even with the lens smear. Glad you found it and fixed it... The lenses do get dirty at times...

    It's so neat to be the 'official' photographer for all of the happenings in your town.... AWESOME.


  6. That was good of you at such short notice. They are good shots even with the smeared lens problem. That would have been annoying.

  7. Have notice ahead of time is the only respectful thing to do. Hate that when I forget to clean the lens.


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