Thursday, August 11, 2016

Good fences; great trip

Traveling home after a weekend in Kwa-Zulu Natal, the aloes were in full bloom. I took dozens of photos in the drive by. 
Fence between the road and a Zulu home (the blue rondawel- round house)

Including the outhouse

Thorn trees and fields of aloes behind the fence

Remnants of face posters from the recent elections

I'm linking to Good Fences.

Have a great Thursday. 


  1. Nice to hear you've been away and back safely. I remember seeing fields of aloe in Kenya. Such a stunning sight. It looks like you might be in a hotter, drier season right now or maybe a colder, dry season. Have an awesome rest of your week, Jo!

  2. Must be quite difficult geting these drive by shots but you always manage it Jp

  3. in the second up from bottom even the dirt is beautiful. i love that shot... we have aloe in pots here to use for cuts and burns, but ours has never bloomed. these are amazing to me..

  4. Hello, the blooms looks pretty! Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  5. Looks like winter there (which it is)... Is that the same plant (Aloe) like we have here ---and use for burns and cuts???? If it is, I didn't know that it bloomed. I've never seen one around here bloom. Interesting.


  6. Hi Jo!
    I had never seen so many aloe veras so florid!
    Where is it?
    A great weekend!!!!

    Bia <º(((<

  7. The aloes look pretty. It looks a dry time there.


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