Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Back at Parkrun

Yes, I rejoined the Parkrun this weekend past. The last time we were at the venue was on 27th October when Grant and I took part in the Cancer Walk more than a month ago.

Many of you will remember how for the first eight months of this year I posted regularly about Parkrun. I loved taking part and improving my time;  I loved that Grant was also involved in this activity; his health improved radically and he actuallly became the official "Tail sweeper". Once we moved to Caroline's house in the mountains and I opened the art shop, we struggled to get back there on Saturdays. 

But here I was again; not taking part but volunteering. I am there again next weekend which is our one-year anniversary since joining Parkrun. Next year I will be taking part in the Parkrun.

 Parkrun is for everyone: the children, the dogs, grannies and any one in between 
 As always I zoom in on the four-legged participants 
 Babies in prams being pushed by running or walking parents 
 This Dalmation pup (I've posted about her before) now just sits and watches at the start line . She reckons she's a spectator! 
 I called to this road runner asking if he would be joining the Parkrun on his way back . He flapped his hand at me! 
 The starting point  
 An enthusiastic pooch straining at the leash 
 You can walk or run the Parkrun 
 This little Jack Russell knows me well; I live next door to her; she and Skabenga are firm friends! 
 John Muirhead(furthest along with floppy hat) is the kind gentleman who along wih Ronnie, his wife, has offered me "safe haven" in their farm cottage . John remembers how he and Grant covered many Parkruns this past year, especially before John had his double knee replacement op and he and Grant took it very slow on this route 
 In the middle distance behind the pram parents, are Alan (88)  and Ant(77) our two oldest Parkrunners and hikers 

 Doing a brisk walk with Dad carrying me in the pouch 
 Part of the vounteer team last Saturday 
 First man in 
 First lady in. Terry reaches out to hand her a token; Ralph (Terry's husband) scans the entrance tunnel for the next fast runners to arrive 
Ant, my Parkrun partner. Behind is Alan and my friend, and sweeper, Jenny 

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  1. Hi there - I think I could cope with a park-walk. But that would be about it.

    So sorry to hear you news.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. Nice to see you back at the Park Run and connecting with all your friends there. I love how the run attracts everyone from children to seniors to cats and dogs ;-)

  3. Hello, it is great you are back at the Parkrun. It is nice to see everyone participating either in the run or volunteering. I enjoyed all the dogs too. Enjoy your day and week ahead!

  4. i am happy for your parkrun visit, to see all your friends and volunteer. helping others helps ourselves, i do believe that.

  5. Oh ~ so glad you are being around your friends and helping ~ It is so hard to lose our partners ~ great that you had this event to volunteer at ~ Am sending lots of distant reiki healing hugs to you ~

    Happy Week to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  6. Looks so much fun & community spirit Jo - Rose x

  7. I am so glad you have gone back. And feel sure that Grant would be as well.

  8. The Park Run sounds like lots of fun plus it's great for your health. Glad to hear you are going to be a participant again.

  9. That's good that you joined in again in social life ! Nothing is better to distract one than good friends and kind people around !

  10. The dogs seem particularly pleased to be out and about.

  11. It will be good for you to join in again.


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