Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hedges pets' new home

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose with photos of us in our new house. We are still kept indoors. There are big dogs next door (both sides) and we kitties are watching them from the windows. We also need to know if there are trees which we can climb quickly should any of the dogs get into our yard and try to chase us. 

But we heard Mum tell her friend on the phone that we'll still remain indoors for another week. 
Unca Shadow relaxes on his new chosen chair in Mum's bedroom
 Dad Ginger has chosen the other chair which is in the kitchen
 Last night I watched for dogs 
Aunty Chappie is on a lounge chair 
The dog, Skabenga sleeps indoors but spends the days outside while Mum is at work 

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  1. You are ALL truly beautiful - and look very comfortable.

  2. Well you all seem to have settles in well but keep your eyes peeled for the neighbour's dogs!

  3. It's nice you kitties and Skabenga are all settling in. Mom is wise to keep you indoors until you all get your bearings.

  4. Everyone is look good, though Skabenga looks a little sad, but then dogs faces do that all the time. glad you each have a place of your own and i am sure you will all be swapping around sharing your chairs.

  5. i am starting to fret over you kitties going out with as many dogs as there are. you are used to S not bothering you but other dogs might

  6. Hello, I am glad to see everyone has settle in, I hope you stay away from the neighbor's dogs. Cute photos. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week!

  7. Ohh you guys are under house arrest! But never mind, it is for your own safety! Take care guys!


  8. Enjoy your new home guys & watch out for those dogs! Your mum's sister Rose xx

  9. Once the dogs are used to the cats there should be no problem. Both of our neighbors had dogs and after a while or they ignored each other or they became friends, like Kim and Arthur with Dominique's dog (she has completely vanished after her marriage !) I always remember when the dog lay outside his dog house because Kim slept inside !


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