Monday, December 18, 2017

How fast...

... circumtances change...

It's incredible how quickly circumstances can change. It's been three weeks since Grant passed away and now I see the changes and at simultaneously the sameness. 

For my Blogger friends who've followed our building project, that was the first change that took place after his death. Staying in the cottage near our landlady, Caroline, was going to be a husband/wife arrangement with her. Grant was much more handy than I and Caroline fretted when the worst happened - that what could she tell me.

Unbeknown to her, friends Ronnie and John came to see me shortly after hearing about Grant. The first thing they asked was would my accommodation still be in place. I had to answer no. And they offered me a cottage on their farm. 

As you know I've moved in there and am still unpacking and settling the animals. It's very comfortable and although it's twice as far from my shop, they're not charging me rent - so the fuel costs even it all out. 
 I took younger son, Angus and Amanda to see the cottage which Grant built and which we'll not occupy 
 They also met Caroline 
 The kitchen cupboard /cabinets came out of Caroline's house. I was quite used to them from living there originally. The stove, although small, is a lot bigger than the two plate cooker I'm using now! 
 Entrance to the hall between the living and sleeping area 
 Angus standing in the bedroom doorway. The shower is to the right 

On Saturday Steve arrived at shop with mail for me. A beautiful card from friend, Penny (Snap That Blog) and two postcards of Vancouver where she lives. 
Christmas card from Penny Joy 
 The salutation on the card and the names on the envelope made me realize how quickly and irrivocably everything has changed for me.  Penny posted this on 17 November...
Thank you Penny! 

Here's wishing you all a wonderful day ! 


  1. My compliments ! He did a real good job ! In one way it's good for you that you won't live in it, too many memories for starting a new life !

  2. grant did a lovely job of building the new home, and my heart aches for you that you can't live there, but am so very thankful you have a rent free home now.. so true that life can change in a blink of an eye. prayers for you in your new circumstances... lovely card and wishes, that is a long time to work its way to you Jo

  3. Hello, Grant did do a lovely job on the home. I am just sorry you will not be living there but I can understand why. It is wonderful that you were offered a free place, I hope and pray all works out for you. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  4. What a lovely job Grant and the work men did of the cottage where you were planning to live. I'm sure you would no longer want to live there so I'm happy that your friends have offered you a place to life, and rent free at that. What a blessing dear Jo. It's interesting that I just inquired about the card and it arrived. I'd forgotten that I posted a few photo cards to share with you. Big hugs and continued prayers sent to you my friend. xx

  5. Oh Jo---I am so sorry to hear about Grant's death... I had not heard.... For you see, our son-in-law (age 49) died suddenly on the same day (Nov. 27)... That same day my youngest son had surgery... SO--our lives have been rather crazy lately... BUT--I know how much you miss Grant and how much you loved him... My prayers and my love are with you. Glad you found a new home for you and your little critters....

    Grant obviously died doing what he loved. That new little home was GREAT.... He did such a good job.... Sorry that the two of you never got to live in it....

    Merry Christmas --with all of your wonderful family.


  6. yes Grant made a great job of the bungalow but I believe you have made the right decision not to move in there.

  7. Things can and do change quicker than thought.
    I love that your friends have given you somewhere to live, and the house that Grant built is beautiful. A fine testatment to him.

  8. Oh my! I didn't mean to forget your faithful companion Skabenga. Give him a big hug for me. xx

  9. Such a poignant entry - I stand in awe of you my sister! Your loving sister Rose xx

  10. It looks like comfortable quarters.

  11. It is so sad that you could not stay in the cottage that Grant built. Do you still have your home in Marquard ??? forget how to spell it.

  12. I am so sorry to hear of your very recent loss; my husband Will died in November 2016 so I know what grief is like. How good your friends offered you rent free housing on their farm.


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