Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Four-legged family members preparing for Christmas!

Angie helps sweep the patio!

Chip keeps a close eye on my husband in the workshop. He built her this special "place" above his workbench where she loves to lie all day!

Tigger has all the gardening and birdwatching under control

Pudding supervises the cooking and baking from the top of the fridge. My husband had to secure the freezer door with a cord. Pudding pushes it open with her hindleg when the heat gets too much!
Clarice keeps an eye on Emily cleaning the entertainment area!
The refurbished cathouse welcomes all visitors!

Felix checks to see if I'm cleaining the cathouse
The cats have their own table to eat on and baby carry cots to sleep in

When this post appears, we’ll be travelling down to the Natal Midlands to meet my older son and his family. He's bringing my eighty-year-old mother-in-law and her new husband to that point from Durban (you can read about their recent wedding here).

Meanwhile, the days leading up to this point have been filled with activities as we prepare for the Christmas holidays. A dab of paint here, a new outdoor light re-wired there. My darling husband has even refurbished the cathouse. David, the gardener has painted the floor a brilliant green. (Eewyeww!) Hubby removed the bulky storage unit I had in there and erected beautiful and practical shelves .

Of course, while everyone on the property is getting the house and garden ship-shape for Christmas visitors, the four-legged members of the family just lie back and relax.

I captured a few "action" photos...


  1. Love this candid shots of the kitties. :)

  2. All such sweet photos ... you have such a beautiful array of fur friends!

    Sending wishes to you and your family for a very Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Jo, Wishing you and your family (and the pets) a marvelous Holiday season!

  4. Hi Laura Jayne, nice to "meet" you. Thanks for the lovely comment and for popping in. Hugs Jo

  5. Hi flmom, thanks for the comment. May you and your precious family have a blessed wonderful Christmas. Hugs Jo

  6. Hi Dedene, thanks for your kind wishes. May you and "Mr Tito" and Pacha have a wonderfully blessed Christmas. Bon fete! Hugs Jo

  7. Oh Jo, your animals all look so content :) They are all so gorgeous, I want to reach through cyberspace and give them all a few pats and cuddles ! (P.S. I love Chips place !)

  8. Thanks Lynda, like your pets, mine also lead the life of Rylie! When my hubby completed Chip's place and saw me photographing it, he said "You have to send it to Lynda!" Hugs Jo

  9. Love that you have a cat called Pudding. I also was once owned by a little miss Pudding as well a Peeps and a Tippsy. All now gone to cat heaven but they do live on in my heart.
    Happy 2009!


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