Friday, December 12, 2008

New kid on the block

A little tired...

As the year draws to an end, I cannot help but feel sad about the loss of my precious Rottweiler, Shasa in July. I still feel raw when I think of this huge bear-like dog who protected me for the past six years. I will do a memorial post for him sometime in the future.

We needed to have another big dog on the premises, and my husband and I decided rather than go the purebred-buy-from-a –breeder-route, we’d adopt a dog from the SPCA. We managed to book a four-month-old Labrador x pup who was found on the golf course near the SPCA offices. My husband had to complete a comprehensive adoption form and after paying the fee, the official brought the dog in. Even though I wanted to dash forward and hug this gangly, but shiny dog, I left it to my husband to bond with the dog.

A little shy...
After arriving at home, I opened the back of my pick-up van and coaxed the little dog out. She wasn’t timid or afraid, just strange, I think. Megan, who has been the only dog on here for half of the year, was NOT impressed that we’d brought this intruder into her turf.

Aah, I'll pose now...

OK, so here's my best pose...

Angie, as my husband christened her, has settled down and even though all the cats resemble toilet brushes, she has not even looked to the side they’re on.

Tonight is her second night here and as all’s quiet, I surmise she is fast asleep after an action-packed day.


  1. Oh your little darling is just wonderful!!! She sure fits as an Angie! I hope she fits in well and is able to replace some of the loss that you're inevitably going to feel for a while. In my case, Sheba has in no way replaced Aslan (and I for one could never give two of my dogs the same name...) but she's come to fill my heart with a spot of her own - which is huge, by the way! I still have my days when I wish I could have had both Aslan and Sheba walking by my side, and those days are raw, just like when I miss my mother. But that's love, that's how it's got to be... Looking forward to following your development on Angie, as well as reading your memorial on Shasa. But don't stress about it. I never could write a memorial on Aslan. It was just too painful. And so I keep him in my heart...

    Warmest greetings,

  2. Angie is absolutely lovely and adorable! Enjoy her!!!

  3. Thanks for popping in Esther, yes she is an Angie and she is already fitting in well. The cats are also starting to trust her. I also cannot name a new dog after one I lost. I love your Sheba, and know that like her, Angie will fill another piece of my heart. I also miss my mum (lost her 7 years ago) and when Shasa died, I told him to give my love to Granny and Mandu (a cat which I lost tragically last year!) Esther, do you see my comments on your blog? I blog most days yet don't see my name on your recent comments tab. Just a thought. As long as you know I LOVE your life in Niger and of course all the lovely animals. I'm off to read about sweet little Allis now. Hugs Jo

  4. Hi Flmom, Thanks for popping in:) and for the compliment about Angie. She has crept into our hearts already. Hugs Jo

  5. Oh Jo - congratulations on your new addition to the family, what a lucky little dog to land in your home, & how blessed you are, too ! Hope that you are having a wonderful time with your beloved family this weekend :)

  6. I have 10 comments from you - does that seem like it should? Because I have comment approval and only access internet in the day time, there can be up to twenty comments (or way less) waiting at the time. I've tried to enlarge the recent comment field but that didn't pass through - will try again from Sweden as it seems to help to have a good line...

    With the loss of mother, favourite pet and a love for Africa and someone Above, we have a lot of things in common! I really enjoy your comments and also checking in on your own life - would have loved that bike ride, albeit on horse back of course!! :-D

    An extra hug to Angie,

  7. Thanks Esther, I'm pleased you receive my comments. Thanks for always popping into to mine and your kind comments. Yes, we are kindred spirits. I would love to be able to ride a horsem but have to stick to the iron horse at the moment, as I've said once before. I know about Internet access (or lack thereof) We pay for our Internet but it is reliable and quite fast. Hugs Jo PS Angie says, *Yip* - thanks! She is so at home now it's as if she'd never known any other life!

  8. Hi Lynda, thanks for your kind comments! We called our dear (elderly, but bright and active) neighbour to the gate to come and meet Angie. As she saw her she said: "Hallo little dog, welcome in heaven." She (neighbour) is as fanatical about animals and their well-being as we are ;) Hugs Jo


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