Monday, December 22, 2008

Traditional Christmas Carols

"Oh Holy Night" beautifully rendered by a men's duet
at the Traditional Carol Service last night
People brought gifts for underprivileged children while Izelma, with the window behind her, sings a solo. On her right, in the corner is the organ which I played for fifteen years

Last night we attended the annual Christmas Carols held at the Methodist Church here in our town. The event always reminds me of the many years I was the organist in this same church.

I remember one particular Christmas Carol service where I played the church organ while one of the other younger women, Izelma, set her keyboard in up in the front of the church. By arrangement, I accompanied the congregation on certain carols while she had other carols to play.
As normal at this time of the year, the heat was unbelievable. Just prior to the last carol, I looked at my watch and saw that, although it was almost seven o’ clock, the sun was still blazing through the window behind me. Under cover of a Scripture lesson by one of the other people involved in the carol service, Izelma turned around and asked me what key she should play her carol. When she whispered “Do I play this song in ‘G’?” I thought she’d said “Would you like a cup of tea” (Crazy, I know, but I was hot and thirsty and thought she was offering me refreshment!) So I nodded. Well, as the crowd began to sing, we realised the notes were far too high and after a bit of juggling, Izelma managed to transpose her keyboard and the carol was sung with much more ease.

Yesterday, 21st December, the longest day in the Southern Hemisphere, was also very hot. Once again I watched the sun pour in through the window behind the organ. Only this time I was sitting in a pew joining in the singing and not playing any instrument!

The church was packed evveryone enjoyed the singing very much. At the end of the proceedings, people placed wrapped gifts in the front of the church. These will be handed to the children of a newly established orphanage in town.

After the service we all repaired to the Retirement Village where the ladies of the Methodist Church had prepared a finger supper for all to enjoy.

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